SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival 2018 Review

We had the opportunity the other evening to go and preview some of the new items over at the Seven Seas Food Festival. We of course will have more coverage of the event as it continues however lets dive into a little preview of what you can expect this year.


First some things to note for this years event. It runs Saturdays and Sundays from now until April 15th. There are also performances on select dates. The schedule for that has not been fully released yet so I would recommend checking out SeaWorlds website for the latest information on that as well as our social media channels. There are over 180 items at this years festival that includes speciality food items, beer, and wine. This year you can find these items at 35 different locations, so I highly recommend picking up a free event guide at the park.  Also returning this year are the very popular sampler lanyards that allow you to pay a fixed price for a certain amount of items. This is a great tool that allows you to budget and even possibly save some money.

With that all in mind there are many returning favorite items this year and many new items as well as even new marketplaces this year. However like always with the addition of new things sometimes means the removal of some favorites from last year.

Over at the Polynesian Market we see the return of a festival favorite the Hawaiian Pineapple Dream Cake. This is a very large portion and has a wonderful flavor.

Also at this market we welcome the addition of a few new items; Pineapple Tofu Poke Bowl  and Pineapple Lumpias.



Over at the Asian Market we have another festival favorite returning, The Bingsu Salted Vanilla Ice Cream.

New this year is Skewered Pork Wrapped in Bacon with Hosin Sauce. I have to say that this was one of my personal favorites of the event the other night. I could have ate many of these.

Over at the very popular North Atlantic Market this year we see some returning items, some modifications, and new items. Of course the popular New England Lobster Roll returns.

New to the booth is a Grilled Tostada with Vegetable Spread, also we see a change to the very popular hushpuppies last year. This year they are a Sweet Corn & Cheddar Hushpuppy with a Candied Bacon Jam.

At the Caribbean Market there are many new items that include: Crab Cake, Papaya Candy, and a Seafood Ceviche. The seafood Ceviche was very popular the other night and I believe will be a new festival favorite.

This is just some of the wonderful items that you can try over at the Seven Seas Food Festival. We are glad to see the event returning this year. We hope that it can continue to grow and hopefully in a few years expand to offer more festival dates during the week.

Stay tuned to our social accounts for those updates and lots of great coverage on the event!

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