SeaWorld San Antonio Trip Report

I had the great pleasure of recently traveling to SeaWorld San Antonio to experience Wave Breaker and the other great rides the park has to offer!

I was at SeaWorld from 3 PM to close day one, and opening until 5 PM on day two, which was a great amount of time to get everything done. Also, I was very lucky that the rental car agent enjoys going to SeaWorld once per month with his family and he waived the underage fee for me!

When you first enter SeaWorld, you are greeted by the new entrance sign, which was added last year as part of the renovations with the entrance expansion and Discovery Point. You are also greeted by the main entrance arches, which are a signature part of this SeaWorld.

Just like every coaster enthusiast, the first attraction I headed to was Wave Breaker. The longest wait time of the day was fifteen minutes. It is the most themed ride at SeaWorld, with an indoor launch. During the launch, riders are assigned one of three animals: a sea turtle, sea lion, or dolphin, which you rescue at the end of the ride (though the ride doesn’t tell you that you’ve rescued it).

Wave Breaker was not the most comfortable ride. I had to place my feet as far back as I could during my ride and couldn’t freely move my legs. It was an uncomfortable ride experience; I’m very tall but very skinny. The test seat outside is a great test seat and an even better photo opportunity. The height requirement is forty-two inches.

The television screen frequently changes, and includes the fact that SeaWorld has rescued over 30,000 animals.

Another popular ride at SeaWorld is the 150 foot tall Steel Eel, which opened in 1999. It is a Morgan hyper coaster known for lots of airtime hills.

SeaWorld’s first coaster is the Great White, which opened in 1997. It just received a repaint this year; hopefully Steel Eel will be next!

Adjacent to Great White is the new Gur Harvey mural, similar to the one at SeaWorld Orlando.

The oldest ride at SeaWorld is Rio Loco, an Intamin river rapids from 1991. During hot summers, the line can reach over one hour and usually has the longest line in the park. Its height requirement is forty-two inches.

The other water ride is Journey to Atlantis, which opened in 2007. It is the tallest of the three Atlantis rides with the largest boats. Each boat can hold sixteen riders, while the other two can hold eight riders. Like the other to Atlantis rides, this is also from Mack Rides. San Antonio’s Atlantis contains two turntables (only ride of its kind in the United States), and riders will go backwards during the middle of the ride.

Last year, SeaWorld opened its largest expansion: Discovery Point.

It is San Antonio’s version of Discovery Cove (without the free food and adult beverages). It must be booked in advance and you get the opportunity to swim with dolphins! I unfortunately did not experience this since I have swum with dolphins at Discovery Cove multiple times.

This is the Wave Breaker pass member shirt which is on sale for $10.00. Oddly enough, anyone could purchase the shirts for $21.95. This threw me off because at SeaWorld Orlando, the merchandise team members are much more strict about selling pass member merchandise to pass members only.

Outside of the Shamu Theater, there is a great opportunity for a photo with a whale statue!

SeaWorld is actually more well known for their animals than their thrills. Here are some pictures from the Shamu Theater. Their stadium is a bit smaller. Personally I like its style of seats all around the stadium instead of just a semi circle like Orlando’s.

That’s all for SeaWorld San Antonio! While Wave Breaker isn’t a coaster worth flying to San Antonio alone just to experience, it is definitely a reason to make a first trip to San Antonio if you haven’t been in a few years. If you’ve never been, then this now is definitely a great time to go! I’m going to end this trip report with some great reflection shots of the coasters on the lake!

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