SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Unveil Ride Vehicles at IAAPA 2016


On day 1 of the IAAPA trade-show, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment gave us 3 new things to see. First up Joel talked about all the initiatives of the company and exciting things ahead!


Over at the chance rides booth we saw the Submarine Quest ride vehicle and learned of some of the features; including an interactive touch screen that adapts to the player so that children and adults alike can have a fun educational experience whilst riding.

iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-002 iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-003

Here’s a couple close-ups of the scale model complete with lap bars:

iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-004 iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-005

Here’s another look at the concept for the Ocean Explorer area as well as at a look at what the loading area will look like for Submarine Quest:

ocean-explorer-aerial-view-seaworld-san-diego-concept submarine-quest-platform-seaworld-san-diego-concept

Over at Intamin, we got to see something a little more our size with a car from the Wave Breaker roller coaster coming to SeaWorld San Antonio:

iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-006 iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-007 iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-008

Finally we take a look at the lead car for each of the 2 Invadr roller coaster trains coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg from Great Coasters International:

iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-009 iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-010 iaapa-seaworld-san-diego-seaworld-san-antonio-busch-gardens-williamsburg-011

Also, another look at the concept art:


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  1. December 1, 2016

    […] other news, at IAAPA this past month the company unveiled some of its ride vehicles for 2017 attractions. While the attractions aren’t coming to Orlando, they are still pretty […]

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