SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment 2019 and 2020 New Ride Details and Speculations

*The following is information received from sources on details of new rides planned for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Family of parks. While we CAN NOT guarantee the reliability of the details and can only speculate in some areas, many sources have shared this information with us and we are choosing to pass it along to you!*

After today’s announcement we’ve learned that first tidbit we were going to share is true. Gwazi will be remade into what is described by sources as a “high thrill wooden hybrid. The picture shown when describing it is that of Steel Vengeance, we can pretty much confirm RMC Gwazi is happening especially with the subtle hinting already taking place. But the wording in the source info has me wondering if it will be IBOX (like Steel Vengeance) or topper track (like Lighting Rod)? To be a wooden hybrid they would have to use  IBOX.  So their word choice seems off or incorrect to me. As of now, expected to open April 2020 so expect work to begin very soon! 

At the other Busch Gardens park, we’ve been hearing giga coming from everywhere. While I’m not here to dispute that, I will say the coaster that is coming is described as a multi-launch shuttle coaster. The final drop and max speed will be seen from the Italy bridge in the park and the top speed will be 76 mph. Not sure that is fast enough for 300+ feet but we shall see. Also have no idea who manufacturer is at this time. Projected opening May 2020

The Orlando area park has a lot to look forward to: Infinity Falls, Sesame Land, and now a new launched coaster in 2020. This one will not be shuttle like its Busch Gardens counterpart but could be something more family style. Many details are listed as “being determined” but here’s the early break down:

  • Airtime and over-banked turns
  • Possible number of inversions not decided
  • About 55 mph
  • Location in park yet to be decided

This one really reads like they have several pitches and have yet to pick one out. Wondering from the stats listed above if it isn’t something similar to Copperhead Strike? Time will tell, and probably very quickly! 

Down in Texas wood is coming and planned opening is March or April of 2020. A 100+ foot tall wooden coaster will be coming to the park. A safe bet is either GCI or Gravity Group is building it given their recent relationship with the company; GCI with Invadr and Gravity Group with Oscar’s Wacky Taxi.

Current estimates are being taken for the project which means it could be any company but be projected speed is 50- 55mph and they they want it to be Texas’ longest wooden coaster.

While we don’t have any info on San Diego for 2020, we do have some for 2019. Skyline Attractions smallest model the Skywarp Horizon has been purchased for the park. The park source info states ” dynamic flat-ride-roller-coaster” with a unique “infinity loop track with an airtime hill and and inversion element”. Sounds like the Skywarp Horizon to me. 

This is exciting news for all these SEAS parks if true and makes for a great 2020 for them! Stay tuned to our social channels as we’ll be sharing more as we find it out! 

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    […] Gwazi coaster in Tampa. (9/17/18) I’m not sure how true this is, but according to a posting at Wild Gravity Travels, SeaWorld San Antonio may be planning on adding a new small wooden coaster experience to the park […]

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