SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Announce 2017 Line-Up

SeaWorld Parks and entertainment revealed most of what 2017 will bring to their parks.


While some of the announcements have already been released, the company added details to the project. We are starting out west with SeaWorld San Diego where in 2017 a brand new orca experience will debut.


This show will be a departure from the typical orca show. The new experience will be shown in a more natural looking setting and will be much less of a theatrical performance. The show focuses on helping guests gain a deeper appreciation and respect for the orcas and empowering them a sense of determination and purpose to help preserve the future of these majestic animals.


Also at the San Diego park, Submarine Quest will open. This new immersive attraction will take guests on a submarine adventure featuring digital creatures, real octopuses, giant spider crabs, eels and lots of other sea creatures.


Coming to San Antonio in 2017, Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster, a brand new roller coaster themed to the hit ABC show Sea Rescue. The new 61 foot tall, 2600 foot long coaster will feature ride vehicles that look like jet skis and will have the majority of the track over water featuring two separate launches into serpentine turns.

Sailing over to Florida, SeaWorld Orlando where a whale of new changes are going on.


In summer, the Kraken will under go a slight change as it premiers a brand new VR experience. Guest will be taken on a deep sea mission where they can discover sea creatures and come face to face with the legendary Kraken.


Here’s Brian Morrow showing us the Digital Reality headset with audio on the headset which will be mounted on the train for faster loading times compared to Six Flags’ system.


The dolphin nursery will also be receiving a much-needed make over. The nursery will be receiving large acrylic viewing windows for multi level viewing, a space for the dolphins to slide out and digital monitors that display underwater views of the pool.


The new encounter is expected to open in summer of 2017


A new bar will open on the in the Waterfront section of the park called Flamecraft bar that will feature 16 seasonal craft beers and a brand new menu. The new venue will be located next to the SeaFire Grill in summer of 2017. Of some note, the Bayside pathway will be reconfigured to accommodate the new venue.


A new festival will wash ashore this February, the Seven Seas Festival will expand, not replace, the popular music and food events to 14 weekends in 2017 starting on 2/14. The new foodie event provides guests a sea of “street food” style choices from all over the seven seas.


This end of day event will end those warm summer nights with lots of fun lighting and revving up the energy for a fun-filled party in the streets. Additionally, the new event will also be in the San Diego park.


Arriving with a splash in spring of 2017, the brand new Aquatica pass member Pavilion will offer pass members free sunscreen, a concierge, exclusive animal encounters and a private entry into Banana Beach. The new pavilion is expected to open by Easter.


Arriving from the north pole this Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and friends.


Rudolph and his friends will headline the holidays at SeaWorld Orlando, as well as other SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment venues in the brand new Rudolf’s Christmas Town.


Invading the north, the company released concept for the ride vehicles of their brand new roller coaster at Busch Gardens Willamsburg.

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