SeaWorld Orlando Town Hall with Joel Manby Recap

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On 4/30/16 Joel Manby CEO of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment held a town hall at SeaWorld Orlando with not only new information for annual  pass holders but also a Q&A for those that wanted to ask management him and others some questions. So here is a brief recap:

The event started off with Joel explaining why they made the tough decision to end captive orca breeding program. In a quick 3 bullet point recap he cited why they made the decision:

  • Society has clearly shifted its views and in a world where the perfect storm of events happened the image wasn’t going to get a better
  • millennial view of captivity
  • The California legislation was  gaining ground and though SeaWorld managed to delay it the prevailing winds suggested that they would win.
    • Legislation like this usually moves east once it passes in California

We learned the order in which SeaWorld parks will end theatrical shows to be San Diego 1st, followed by San Antonio, and finally SeaWorld Orlando ending shows in 2018.

Next up Joel showed a clip giving us a glimpse of what non theatrical orcas shows could be like:

Next up, Joel introduced Donnie Mills 41 year veteran with the company and Park President of SeaWorld Orlando now for 15 months.

Donnie introduced us to some new details about Mako, starting with 3 pass holder benefits:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 025

Next we got an exclusive first look at the first Mako TV commercial:

Next up a look at the new Guy Harvey commemorative hard plastic pass that will be available for purchase soon:


Then over to Aquatica a look at Island Nights and news that the team is looking into building a pass member resting at Aquatica:


Another hint at something coming was “Look for something new coming to the relaxation station at Wild Arctic area sometime in early June” – Donnie Mills

So possibly this area:

SeaWorld - Wild - Arctic - SeaCast - 002

Now for some quick things we learned from the Q&A:

The park is looking into making a Pass Member only gate for busy seasons to make entrance smoother for loyal guests

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 001

-Mimes could be returning in some form to SeaWorld Orlando in 2017 as the park is taking a “serious look into it”

-A new realm of Christmas is going to be added for this years Christmas Celebration, Joel and the team love Christmas the best and he wants the parks to be the best chain for holiday events! This could likely be the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer area that was announced during last years investor call.

-No other shows are have planned changes other than One Ocean

-The Bayside stadium where special events are housed currently is being looked at for possible regular show use moving forward

SeaWorld - Bayside - Stadium - SeaCast - 001

-Joel thought the previous administration should have fought back harder and quicker than they did when sad events took place and says “I’m ready to fight for SeaWorld”

-No seat-belts on Mako:

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 204

Wrapping up I wanted to share the Real. Amazing. commercials that have started airing nationally and was shared again at some point in the presentation:

Those are the highlights from the Town Hall.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 015

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4 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Was there any clarification if the Passholder Mako registration is limited to the first 500 on 5/21 *and* the first 500 on 5/22, or is it the first 500 total between the two days?

    • Jim says:

      It is limited to the 1st 500 each day. I assume to give more people a chance and to not crowd rush the pass member center. So the total AP’s at the event will be 1000 however only 500 per day at the park.

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  2. February 19, 2017

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