SeaWorld Orlando March 2017 News and Updates


After eleven years, the sun has set and the tide has went out for Blue Horizons.

The new Dolphin Days presentation will take its place on 4/1.

In Dolphin Days, guests will be brought into the day a dolphin has at SeaWorld.

Guests will learn about the different personalities of each dolphin has, while seeing how those personalities lead the time they share with their trainers.

Speaking of Dolphins, the brand new dolphin nursery is quickly taking shape since our last update.

Though lots is still going on, you can definitely see where the puzzle pieces are going to start fitting together.

The viewing area acrylic pane is still not installed but the area where it will be is becoming more defined.

and these port holes are also waiting for their acrylic panes or lets hope maybe some bubbles.

Thematic rock work has started to show up, we can only hope it looks like what we see at Mako.

Still in the dolphin theme, over at Dolphin Cove, work is still underway on some kind of renovation inside of the furthest end of the cove.

Around the park, another new set of directional signage is starting to show up. These feature estimated walk times to each destination. We found these times to be a bit on the long side; but, we understand that for an average family these could be close to accurate.

As we have discussed before,  we feel big changes are in the near future for Sea Garden. While we are not sure what the sea will bring ashore, we have hear reports that the tide will go out for this area in the middle of the month. This will allow for work to start on the next chapter in SeaWorld.

As we reported earlier in the month, the Sky Tower has reopened for guest to enjoy; while it is not clear if this has transitioned into a more seasonal attraction. This being the case, we recommend if you are a fan of the views from the tower to head out to the park before the Spring Break season ends.

Starting this month, the Seven Seas Food Feast is daily through 4/16, Bayside Pathway and Booths located on it are still closed during weekday. Go try out your feast favorites during the week, like this Nutella and Marshmallow Empanada.

The April pass member perk is a pass member picnic sometime this month, details to come soon.

Lastly, Journey to Atlantis has re-opened after an extensive multi-month refurbishment.

Sadly, we have not had the chance to ride it since reopening; however, the chatter we have heard is less than positive. It appears that most, if not all, of the show elements do not animate any longer, including the “Medusa” prior to asending the lift . The story of the attraction has been said to be removed and more or less replaced with the Allure soundtrack looping as you float through.


Make sure to follow our social channels to sea what we are up to as the month flows by as well as for the latest on whats going on around the parks.

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