SeaWorld Orlando Happenings Update ~ March 2016

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First up the manatee rescue area we had been telling you about for a couple of months has finally opened:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - Manatee - March - 2016 - 001

It is a very immersive nice area where guests can get a better insight and see more manatees that have been rescued and rehabilitated and learn a little more what that process is all about:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - Manatee - March - 2016 - 002

Another new opening was the new entrance to Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. While we highlighted the non-rider experience last month the walls have come down to reveal a beautiful new entrance to both riders and non-riders: (1st pic is shortly after walls came down)

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - 006

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - Anarctica - Entrance - 001 SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - Anarctica - Entrance - 002

Some walls have even started to come down around the Mako area revealing new themeing and more!

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 129 Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 131

The track circuit was also completed and WildGravity Travels was there to see it as it happened, here a video released from the park:

To see more, be sure to keep up to date with all our Mako updates because though the track is now complete there is much more to be done!


Across from SkyTower and next to Voyagers the walls have finally come down to reveal new hot dogs stand featuring Nathan’s Hot Dogs, a brand I have not seen advertised in the park before now:

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - 001

Also, over by Stingray lagoon in the Key West area of the park we find Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs is also advertising having Nathan’s:

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - 002

Praise Wave took place this past month and some hot Christian music act rocked the stage.

Praise - Wave - SeaWorld - Orlando - Logo

Next up for the park Viva La Musica, a fiery Latin music and food festival for everyone! The event will take place 4/16, 4/23, 5/7 and 5/14.

Viva - La - Musica - Logo

This month while visiting the park we got to meet Owlfred, a great horned owl rescued by the Audubon Birds of Prey Center in Sanford, Florida. He is a rescue that was human imprinted and SeaWorld has given him a forever home. SeaWorld and other organizations like them rescue and give homes to animals like this so that they can connect to guests and share their story of how we can help prevent more issues like this

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - 004 SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - 005

Look for highlights on more animals in the coming months as we introduce you to more ambassadors and other animals from SeaWorld.

SeaWorld also helps animals and organizations around the world with the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

SeaWorld - Busch - Gardens - Conservation - Fund - Logo

To learn more or donate visit the Conservation Fund Website

Pass Holders! Our benefit for the month of April will be: Pass Member Happy Hour with $2 off select beer and wine at Terrace Bar:

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - 003


We are chasing down a few rumors, but our most prevailing one is a massive overhaul of Dolphin Cove to start this fall.

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - Dolphin - Cove - 004

The area will apparently close sometime in September for a redo it was supposed to get about a year ago. The pool itself is about 30 years old and the plan from last years rumored refurbishment included a restructure of the area for better crowd flow.

SeaCast - March - 2016 - SeaWorld - Orlando - Dolphin - Cove - 001

Many sources are telling me it could be closed for up to 8 months but will most likely be down for 5 to 6. The last couple years this renovation was supposed to take place and the park opted to just resurface the pool. So we will see if the full project happens this time. Another piece of the puzzle that has come into play is the calendar for tours on the park’s website features all tours except dolphin cove related experiences starting on 9/6/2016. We will have more as it develops so stay tuned to WildGravity Travels as this progresses!

A couple of celebrities stopped by the Orlando properties to hang out and spend time with family.

Carlos Beltran of the New York Yankees baseball team:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - Carlos - Beltran - Yankees

Also, Scott Stapp lead singer of Creed spent some family time at Discovery Cove:

SeaCast - Discovery - Cove - SeaWorld - Orlando - Creed

Speaking of Discovery Cove the park released this info earlier in the month:

Rising Tide Conservation is an innovative initiative – started by SeaWorld and now including universities, professional aquarists, aquaculture facilities and retail pet supply companies as partners — that promotes efforts to breed and raise marine tropical fish in aquaculture facilities rather than collecting them in the wild. Collection of marine tropical fish can cause damage to both the reef and the ecosystem it sustains.

Discovery Cove directly participates in the program by collecting and donating fish eggs that otherwise would not hatch and purchasing fish that have been raised through the program. The eggs that are collected are sent to partner laboratories in the program to be utilized in breeding research.

The Grand Reef at Discovery Cove, which all guests can swim and snorkel in, is now home to hundreds of fish that have been aquacultured through this initiative, and hundreds more that are involved in the research program by providing eggs.

Additionally, new this year, guests who participate in the SeaVenture program also will directly help support Rising Tide Conservation, as the park is donating five percent of every program purchased.

“Rising Tide Conservation is a forward-thinking, innovative program that will have long-term, positive impacts on whole reef-based ecosystems and we are proud of our company’s long-held support of it,” said Discovery Cove Vice President Stewart Clark. “Now guests, too, can see firsthand – and be a part of – the efforts of multiple groups working together to help save reefs.”

SeaCast - Discovery - Cove - SeaWorld - Orlando - 001

What is SeaVenture?
SeaVenture is an innovative “underwater walking tour” through an oceanic world teeming with marine life. Guests wear a dive helmet to feel at home under the sea, and SCUBA certification is not required. During their underwater excursion, guests come eye-to-eye with sharks; touch unique animals, fish and velvety rays; and are surrounded by schools of feeding fish – all with the massive open reef as the backdrop. Pricing for Discovery Cove admission, plus the added SeaVenture program, starts at $218 plus tax per person.

SeaCast - Discovery - Cove - SeaWorld - Orlando - 002

Probably the biggest announcement of the month though was that this will be the final generation of orcas in SeaWorld’s care. To learn more check out our post on the announcement.

As you can see, it was an action packed month with a lot to read and see. Feel free to comment below or reach out via our social channels listed below. Always count on us to be the most immersive monthly update,that actually happens at the end of the month. We strive to bring the fun and show what fun is coming in a less news and more observant point of view.

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