SeaWorld Orlando Happenings Update~ January 2016

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The world’s best marine life park made lots of waves in January.


First up, Wild Days returned for another year of great extended educational opportunities in addition to the park’s already superb ability to do so. With Jack Hannah kicking off the 1st weekend and Julie Scardina giving us Penguin Lover’s Weekend it has already been a fun event:

SeaWorld - Wild - Days - 003

The event runs through this final weekend of Jan. with SeaWorld Rescue weekend.


Next up, Wild Arctic has returned from likely its last time as Polar Express.

SeaWorld - Wild - Arctic - SeaCast - 001

In the area where the train sat during the holidays, several banners informing the good SeaWorld does have been put up and the seating area remains:

SeaWorld - Wild - Arctic - SeaCast - 002

Journey to Atlantis closed for its annual refurbishment in which different projects are undertaken to improve the appearance and reliability of the ride each year. This year it appears as though they given at least the first drop a fresh coat of paint:

SeaWorld - Journey - To - Atlantis - SeaCast - 001

SeaWorld - Journey - To - Atlantis - SeaCast - 002

Meanwhile construction on Mako’s lift and first drop have been completed, for more check out all our update posts here:

Mako - Construction - 033

Over at Shamu Stadium, underwater viewing is now closed and the pathway walled off to continue the recently announced removal of the fast rising floors:

SeaWorld - Shamu - Stadium - SeaCast - 001

Here’s a view of the floors raised in place late last year:

SeaWorld - Shamu - Stadium - SeaCast - 002

On the other side of the park some interesting walls and construction fences have gone up next to the Manatee habitat. These fences run behind the scenes to the rescued quarantine pools.

SeaWorld - Construction - Manatee - SeaCast - 002

There has been some speculation but no confirmation that there will be bridge built here so that park guests can go a little more behind the scenes and see all the good SeaWorld does for these wonderful animals!

SeaWorld - Construction - Manatee - SeaCast - 001

Two other areas had small walled off sections the day of my visit, likely for directional signage or new concrete as the park continues to fix cracked sections of walkway:

SeaWorld - Construction - Walls - SeaCast - 001

SeaWorld - Construction - Walls - SeaCast - 002

The park’s next special event kicks off 2/13 with the return of Bands, Brew, & BBQ and the stage is already in place:


SeaWorld - Bayside - Stadium - SeaCast - 001

If you’re a shopaholic the new 2016 Merchandise has appeared across he park:

SeaWorld - GiftShop - SeaCast - 001

Here’s a look at current gift shop promotions:

SeaWorld - GiftShop - SeaCast - 002

Pass Members!!! Be sure to check out the Pass Member rewards each month:

SeaWorld - Pass - Member - Calendar - 2016

As you can see February’s reward is a free tote with a purchase at my personal favorite gift shop in the park, SeaWorld Rescue Store:

SeaWorld - GiftShop - SeaCast - 003

Finally to close out this update I wanted to highlight a great use for some or all of your tax return. Why not make a donation to fund that helps not only animals locally but animals around the world? The SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund distributes funds around the world to help different smaller organizations grow and help the wildlife around them.

SeaWorld - Busch - Gardens - Conservation - Fund - Logo

In this time of year when most of us have a little extra money why not give to something that spreads good in the world. This fund also supports the parks and all of their rescue efforts as well:

SeaWorld - Rescue - Counter - SeaCast - 001

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