SeaWorld Orlando Happenings Update ~ February 2016

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Welcome to our 2nd update, a look a what’s been going on around SeaWorld Orlando! February might be a short month but it wasn’t short on happening at the park!

This upcoming weekend (3/5 & 3/6) is the final weekend for Bands, Brew and BBQ at the park, with Steve Miller Band and Daughtry performing:

SMB Daughtry

One change this year was the elimination of 3rd party vendors of BBQ and the park made all dishes in-house. A few of the dishes were very good but I really missed trying out other restaurants offering and some of the park food did come up a little short for me. this buffalo chicken pizza was, however, pretty tasty:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Bands - Brew - BBQ - 001

The next event, Praise Wave will kick off the following weekend and run Saturdays 3/12-3/26

Praise - Wave - SeaWorld - Orlando - Logo

Moving into the construction realm of updates there is a lot to share starting with several wall from around the park. These walls can be anything from concrete improvement, as we’ve seen in the past, to more interesting things like a newer seating area, etc.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Walls - Construction - 001 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Walls - Construction - 002

Over at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin the new non rider line/ pass through has opened. You still enter the building the same way, but there is a separate room on the 2nd pre-show with a new video talking about the habitat:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Anarctica - 001 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Anarctica - 002

While what I suspect is the new entrance is still under construction, the entry is just a little further down the path:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Anarctica - 003

Over in the manatee rescue area, one vinyl/mesh covering has come down revealing the pathway that will soon take us over to the rescue/ rehabilitation pool area.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Construction - Manatee - 001

According to some of the educational ambassadors, a bridge way overlooking the pools is what is still being constructed. I am ver excited to see what new educational opportunities this will offer:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Construction - Manatee - 002

In pacific point preserve, the buildings have now both received fresh coats of paint and the scheme noticeably matches the Sea Lion High colors

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Pacific - Point - Preserve - Sea - Lions - 001 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Pacific - Point - Preserve - Sea - Lions - 002

Meanwhile the pathway and underwater viewing at Shamu Stadium has re-opened with the removal of fast rising floors completed:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Shamu - Stadium - 001

SkyTower also re-opened this month but then experienced another minor downtime and has been up/down a lot more in the past week or so:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - SkyTower - 001

Having Skytower back gave us a chance to bring you some newer views of the Mako roller coaster progress:

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 67

The lead coaches were also revealed this month

Mako - Train - Vehicle - SeaWorld - Orlando - 002

To see more on Mako be sure to check out all our updates: Mako Construction Updates

In the realm of conservation the park was able to return 4 rescued manatees:


These manatees were brought in after being rescued for various reasons and were rehabilitated for years at SeaWorld Orlando.

· Carmine and Leonard, two male manatees, were rescued as orphaned calves in 2013.

· Sheldon and Bernadette were both rescued from Mill Cove, just outside of Jacksonville, due to cold stress in December of 2014.

The manatees were returned near the warm water outfall of Port St. John power plant in Brevard County to provide them with a warm water site during the current cold snap. There, the animals can link up with experienced manatees also seeking refuge from chilly waters.

Seaworld_Double_Manatee_Return - 001

It pays to be a Pass Member at SeaWorld! March’s Pass Member reward includes:

Kids Eat Free at Shark’s Underwater Grill:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - Sharks - Underwater - Grill - 001

30% off Wild Arctic Tour:

SeaWorld - Wild - Arctic - SeaCast - 001

That concludes our monthly recap, be sure to follow us on our social media channels for updates as they happen:

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