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Welcome to our 5th and 2016 summer kick off round-up of all the improvements and additions being made to the park as the summer draws closer.

Starting off in the front of the park walls have finally come down in front of the newer SeaRescue store revealing a wider more visually appealing entry way into the store. The new design creates much more openness and shows off what it has without even setting foot in the store!

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 001 SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 002

Also reopening from where we left off last month, was Swishie Fishies now back from refurbishment and thrilling riders once again in Shamu’s Happy Harbor

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 003

Also in the wonderful kid’s area of the park Ocean Commotion is now taking its turn at refurbishment:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 018

Back at Pacific Point Preserve, a new welcoming sign greets guests to the habitat many sea lions and seals call home:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 004

Inside the area new educational signs have been installed and teaches guests a little about the animals on habitat and how to tell seals from sea lions:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 005 SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 006 SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 007 SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 008

Right next door for a few weeks out of the past month, the new show Sea Lion High was closed Not sure all that was going on during the closure but I can say I saw small lift cranes in the air and painting taking place. The show re-opened around May 26th and is back to giving guests all the laughs of animals in high school:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 009

Over at Stingray Lagoon, painting is taking places on the entry signage and surrounding:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 010

It is time to give a hoot about conservation! Meet Henry:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 011

Henry is an Eastern Screech Owl, and rescued and cared for by SeaWorld Orlando. He is an ambassador visiting classrooms and other events around the country teaching the importance of his species and other birds of prey. His personal story is that he is suspected to have fallen out of his nest and hurt his beak which now grows sideways. For him to be able to properly eat he  must have his beak partially filed away. Henry is around 4 yrs old and is fully grown, despite his smaller size!

Henry also helps to raise awareness for the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund which provides help to animals in need and other zoo and aquarium facilities in need of donations to make a real difference in the world! For more on the fund and to find out how to donate visit the organization’s website.

SeaWorld - Busch - Gardens - Conservation - Fund - Logo

Speaking of rescue and conservation, earlier in May the park rescued and is still reportedly caring for 3 new manatees.

A mother presumed to be a boat strike victim along with her young still nursing calf. More recently  the calf has started taking interest in solid foods a sign of good health and the mother is recovery from buoyancy issues caused by the presumed strike:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 012

Also, the SeaWorld team is working on taking care of an orphaned calf and keeping her on 24-hour watch. SeaWorld’s Rescue and care team have a formula that is like a mother’s milk to use is such situations:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 013

To close out news related to animals, SeaWorld provided us with an update on Tilikum who had been sick these past few months:

The hot dog stand we have been reporting on added a gelato stand and got a little more touch up here and there:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 017

Moving on with our food theme we go to our food find of this month. The Meatball Sliders at the Pass Member Lounge. The dish is served with 3 slider, a watermelon wedge, 2 orange wedges and some kettle chips for $8.99 I can recommend these as one of the 2 best items now on the new Pass Member Lounge Menu. If you’re not a pass member but know someone who is, they are allowed to bring 1 guest per visit:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 015 SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 016

Speaking of Pass member benefits, our June perks include the following according to the SeaWorld Pass Member site:

  • Summer Nights Reserved Seating
  • Exclusive Pass Member t-shirt offer
  • Mako preview events

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 025

Speaking of Mako probably one of the most exciting things people have been checking out on our website is our stunning and ever-changing Mako coverage! In this final week of May, we have brought you live updates via our social accounts (listed at end of the post). At one point we reported on the arrival of a food truck and covered the set-up all the way until it’s opening on May 28th.

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 318

I’m excited to report more themeing and educational signage being installed all around the area:

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 322 Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 320

Additionally on May 28th, the walls came down to the ride’s entry point and exit gift shop called Reef’s Treasures:

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 301

Dr. Guy Harvey is playing a big role in the area of Mako as well adding his own personal mural creation to the side of Reef’s Treasures:

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 316

Lastly in the Mako category, all the walls are now down around the coaster as of 5/30:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 021 SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 022

Look for more pictures in our next update coming in early June! But again, be sure to follow us via our social accounts for up to the day coverage of the area as it happens! For the latest post on Mako and to see past post check out the Mako Tag Page!


Over by Wild Arctic we notice some walls have gone up next to the ride’s entrance area at the old relaxation station. We recall that Donnie Mills said to keep an eye on this area for enhancements back in the Town Hall. It looks like this could be the start of whatever enhancements are being made:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 020

With June upon us, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the 4th of July, and SeaWorld agrees with some signage we spotted in various places around the park:

SeaCast - SeaWorld - Orlando - May - 2016 - 014

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