SeaWorld Orlando Happenings ~ January 2017


First up the biggest news of the month is the beginning of some exciting changes. With walls going up and the roof structure coming down, Dolphin Nursery’s changes are well underway:

Next up also in the refurbish and refresh category Journey to Atlantis has at least seen a new chain installed and some fresh paint on the drop areas:

However, a couple of sources have informed us of further changes we can’t see happening. These include: a new friction braking system, new ride control system, magnetized exit gates, and possibly some theatrical effects getting some love. Most of these changes increase the safety aspect of the ride and we did catch some new proximity sensors being installed on a small lift after he first big drop in the ride:

New to us, we have noticed some nicer looking banners have appeared in the Key West area:

We’re still waiting to see wall go up around SeaFire for the new waterfront bar. We hope that with progress starting on Dolphin Nursery that it is only a matter of time:

On the water we notice all the Christmas trees are gone, but over on the events pathway we still see lots of red and green:

With the Seven Seas Food Festival approaching quickly (Feb. 11th) we hope that things will soon take on that bright blue color scheme:

We recently showed you some of the great dishes coming to the new festival as well as the concert line-up here:

Some sad news to share now, one of the park’s biggest stars Tilikum, or Tilly, has passed away at an estimated age of 36. Our thoughts and condolences are with the park and all the trainers as every animal is like family. No one splashed like Tilly and we will miss him deeply! Journey On!

On a brighter note, Wonder Twin the penguin that experienced extreme feather loss has now re-grown a near full coat of feathers. She now no longer needs her wet-suit:

Pass Members, remember that in February we get a free lanyard and pouch as our pass member perk! We also have the opportunity to experience “date night” at Shark’s Underwater Grill for just $69. The price includes dining for 2, free signature show reserved seating as well as a free photo! We have a review on Sharks from last year if you wanna check out their menu, etc.

As always be sure to check out our social accounts through the month for updates as they happen! Have a great month and enjoy the Seven Seas Food Festival everyone!


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