SeaWorld Orlando Happenings ~ February 2017

First up, this month the Seven Seas Food Festival kicked off and made a real splash in the park’s culinary offerings! The event runs through May 13th and is definitely worth a visit. We have a post that we are updating weekly with highlights, video, and reviews of dishes we try. We’ve been hearing rumors that the event may run on more than just Saturdays very soon and will keep you updated on any operational changes for the event.

Speaking of rumors, we blew the lid off of a big one in the Sea Garden area of the park. We have been hearing multiple rumors but have it on good source that this area may soon be home to a river rapids ride. Check out our post on the survey markers for more detailed analysis.

Another piece of water ride news, Journey to Atlantis is now back to cycling boats but is not open yet. While we were hearing the ride could open mid-March, we have also heard the ride is not operating great on its new system. So this could mean we are looking at delays on the reopening date, possibly pushed back to April. We highlighted all the changes to this ride in last month’s update.

Over at Dolphin Nursery, we see some signs of progress as more of the roof structure has come down. It seems more is going on that we can see, but I can tell you there are audible signs of work going on in the park:

Pass members who visit Seven Seas Food Festival 3 separate days and get their pass scanned in Arctic Shop by Wild Arctic receive a really cool mason jar. Since we have gone everyday of the event so far we have already picked up ours!

Finally, another benefit for pass members in March is the $10 exclusive shirt offer. The shirt will be SeaWorld Rescue themed and is available in the SeaWorld Rescue store at the front of the park.

This month’s update felt very brief, but there’s a lot to talk about! So be sure to check out the link’s in this post for more info on each item! We hope to see everyone around the park enjoying some great food! If you see us feel free to say hi anytime!

As always be sure to stay tuned to our social accounts as we share more from SeaWorld and other parks! Have a great month of March everyone!

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