SeaWorld Orlando Happenings ~ December 2016

SeaWorld Orlando Happenings! We’ve come a long way this first year of our site and as we turn 1 year old in a week or so we want to continue our year-long tradition of bringing you the latest happenings at SeaWorld Orlando.

First up is the obvious big Christmas Celebration that continues to wow and that we feel is the best way to spend Christmas in Orlando!

Taking a look from around the park first up we notice the Sea Rescue TV window on the main gift shop has been removed and a new outside shop has been added:

In that shop we got our 1st glance at some of the 2017 merchandise and the great new design for the year branded products:

We hope that everyone had a safe and blessed holiday season and as it it winds down and we look towards 2017 we look forward to the many changes that have been announced! This includes the announced new and improved Dolphin Nursery, which has yet to be touched:

We assume and hope the park is waiting for the busy holiday season to conclude before embarking on this and other projects and we still can’t wait to see them all come to life. For more on these projects check out our post detailing them all.

Next up from around the park we take a look at the 300+ foot tall SkyTower which has not operated since late May to our knowledge. Several sources that originally reported that SkyTower had no foreseeable future of operating now say repairs are under way. Even a target reopen date of Easter weekend has been set by the repair team.

Another interesting turn of events, Journey to Atlantis has started its annual refurbishment a few weeks early this year. No word on if this was to save operating costs in the “winter” season or if the extended refurbishment was for a different reason:

Over next to SeaWorld’s newest coaster, Mako, we find the food truck had changed its food offering from pizza when it opened:

To now offering more snack-like options:

Something we forgot to mention in last months update, amid all the Christmas excitement was the reopening of the counter service restaurant inside the Terrace. We’re not sure if this offering is only going to be open during the busy seasons. So be sure to watch our social feeds to see if they are still open once we are clear of busy season:

In our Rescue Report this month we have 2 amazing stories to share:

First up, SeaWorld Rescue team members traveled to to Charleston, SC to assist in the rescue of 4 stranded manatees. Once the 4 were deemed healthy, they were returned to Florida waters.

Next, at the beginning of the month a stranded dolphin was brought to the park for around the clock care. SeaWorld veterinarians say the dolphin is a strong swimmer – a positive sign. We’ve heard no further updates and look forward to hearing more great stories soon!

With over 29,000 rescues now recorded SeaWorld Rescue remains a vital asset to the conservation community and you can help by giving back too! Simply make a donation to the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund to allow SeaWorld to help animals like the ones above!

It has been quite a year with lots to see and cover:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We want to get better!!! Let us know in the comments section below or via our social accounts how we can improve our coverage. Feel free to share new things you would like to see! Thanks everyone and have a happy new year!


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