SeaWorld Orlando Construction Update 3-18-17~ SkyTower, Dolphin Nursery & More!

Big news out of SeaWorld Orlando today as the SkyTower re-opened for the first time in a long time! This gave us a special opportunity to see some projects from the air and bring you a park-wide construction update:

Starting off of course the obvious news mentioned above is the re-opening of SkyTower! We are happy to have this wonderful attraction back in the park offerings:

Perhaps the best part about the re-opening of SkyTower is the ability to capture progress from the attraction. Our ground view is still pretty basic at Dolphin Nursery:

To start, let’s take a look the concept art that was provided many months ago by the park:

First, on the left side of the attraction we notice an open area with 2 poles. This could be same area as seen in the first concept picture and could be for the acrylic. At the same time we can also see another place this could be happening. With a dig out occurring in several places, you can definitely see the project coming together quickly all around the site. It also appears the walls of the pool have been all re-done and the overall shape is now established with 2 slide out areas:

We also took a look from above on our rumored river rapids site. This angle helps you better see the vast area available for an attraction of this nature:

Closing out our brief update, we see a small section of Dolphin Cove has also been walled off and drained for what we can only assume is minor maintenance:

One thing we didn’t get a chance to do before SkyTower closed last year was take some shots of Mako:

Be sure to stay tuned to our social pages with the return of SkyTower we’ll definitely be bringing you some great content:

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4 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    Look how small that swimming pool is for the poor dolphins that will be stuck in here- your fast food restaraunts, rides and car park is bigger but they have to live in this small space for the next 1-30 years! Disgusting

    • Jim says:

      Typically the dolphins are in this pool for birth and nursing stages only before being moved to the much larger discovery cove or dolphin cove.

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