SeaWorld Abu Dhabi to Join SeaWorld Parks Chain by 2022

In a partnership with Miral, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment announced SeaWorld Abu Dhabi this morning, a park that will open by 2022. The new park will on Yas Island near Ferrai World:

The park will bring SeaWorld’s world class care expertise to the United Arab Emirates and be the first dedicated marine life research, rescue, rehabilitation and return center.

Planned to open ahead of the marine life themed park, the facility will provide an important resource for UAE nationals and residents looking to develop or enhance expertise in marine life sciences and will serve as a hub for collaboration with local and international environmental organizations and projects.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will also be the first park in the chain without orcas, but will still feature up-close animal experiences, a mega aquarium, and of course, world class attractions that we have come to know and love in the states:

Joel Manby was very excited to share his thoughts on the new international park:

We are excited to announce our first international expansion and our partnership with Miral as we design a next generation SeaWorld that engages, educates and inspires, a blueprint brought to life in Abu Dhabi. This new park, combined with a dedicated research, rescue, rehabilitation and return facility focused on marine life care and conservation, continues SeaWorld’s legacy of marine life rescue that spans more than 50 years. This project presents an opportunity for collaboration and greater understanding of how species have adapted to the region’s unique marine environment, and to inspire the next generation of visitors, conservationists and animal care experts.

We are personally very excited to see the love and care for animals that SeaWorld has always provided domestically expand to an international level and look forward to hearing more on the park as time progresses. Many parks can build a world class theme park but it takes a special group of people to build a world class theme park that features a world class animal care and rescue facility!

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