SeaCast: SeaWorld Orlando Happenings ~ April 2016

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Welcome to another SeaCast, the park as usual has given us oceans of stuff to cover so let’s go swimming!

First up as we enter the park metal detectors have appeared and at the time this is being written are being used for all guests entering the park. We have seen the park do this before then revert back to random selections for the detectors and standard bag checks so we will have to see:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 001

Moving into projects happening all across the park we start with the biggest one:


On 4/30 the park announced 3 perk for pass-holders to get a chance to ride Mako:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 025

I was also able to create a small snippet of the coaster testing watch this short clip and hear the coaster roar by the water:

Lots happening at the site be sure to bookmark/ save the Mako tag page for our latest updates!

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 210

Flying Fiddler in Shamu’s Happy Harbor underwent a brief refurbishment during the month and has reopened now:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 002 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 003

Now behind walls and undergoing refurbishment or annual maintenance is Swishy Fishies:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 004

Back at the front of the park the main Guest Services room has closed and been moved outside:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 005 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 006

Also at the front of the park walls have gone up around the Sea Rescue Store but the store remains open and the animals rescued counter remains active. Some rumors for this area have been removing the photo-op for a food stand and others say just basic maintenance, stay tuned for more soon:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 007

At Shamu Stadium walls have gone up around a former small concession stand and it looks as though some heavy changes are taking place:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 008

Moving onto events, Viva La Musica kicked off and continues on the 1st two Saturdays of May:

Viva - La - Musica - Logo Viva La Musica Pathway Fun

Also happening this month, the Dream Big 5k to benefit Dawn’s Foundation named after the late Dawn Brancheau. WildGravity Travels formed a team and a couple of friends joined in the fun! Team-mate Deb Moss joined and really went all out with earning donation of over $700! Way to go Deb!

Dawns - Foundation - Logo

Apologies for the lack of race pictures but we choose to actually participate in events like this so the foundation may actually benefit from it!

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 009 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 010

Pass members, our benefit for the month of May is simply described as “$10 one-time dine”. At this time we are unsure as to what this means but follow along for more info soon! At this point we can only speculate it is some form of credit to a park restaurant!

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 011

In the realm of new SeaWorld merchandise, even your pet can get involved now with SeaWorld Pet Tails. From bowls, to collars and leashes there is something for your pet here:

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 012 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 013 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 014

As we do almost every visit we pay a visit to the Sea Garden area of the park and see who we can meet this time. This month’s animal ambassador is named Falcor.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 015

Falcor is a Tawny Frogmouth that was hatched in the park and about four years old. He is not an owl and not even a bird of prey, eating only insects mostly.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 016

Tawny Frogmouths are native to Australia and their coloration is so that they can lump and blend in to a tree they are sitting own. “Lumping is the act in which they make themselves look very skinny to blend in with a tree or log.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 017

While the bird are currently downgraded to near-threatened status, SeaWorld Orlando along with Falcor want to continue to raise awareness for the species so that its population will not decline.

The SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation fund helps other facilities and countries maintain populations of animals like Falcor and contributes in ways like the story described below:

SeaWorld - Busch - Gardens - Conservation - Fund - Logo

More than 47 sea turtles have been rescued and cared for by the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team this year, including 24 Kemp’s ridley sea turtles that were originally rescued in Massachusetts and flown to Florida in January for life-saving rehabilitation by SeaWorld experts. Nine of those Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were returned to the warm Florida waters in Little Talbot Island State Park following 15 weeks of extensive rehabilitation.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 018

Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are extremely rare and have been listed as an endangered species since 1970. A large decline in population of these turtles has been linked to egg harvesting in the 1960s and, more recently, human interference through pollution and shrimp netting. Along with being one of the rarest sea turtles in the world, the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle is also the smallest marine turtle. An adult usually weighs approximately 100 pounds and measures 26-30 inches long.

In even another conservation news story this month SeaWorld Orlando and Guy Harvey announced a partnership focused on ocean health and the plight of sharks in the wild. The two organizations will partner to raise awareness of these important issues, and collaborate on science and research to increase understanding of how to better protect these critical predators and their habitats. Seems like a great partnership to me!

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 019 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 020 SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 021

To close out this month, we are starting a monthly feature that will be in both SeaCast and GlobeCast for Universal Orlando Resort called Food Finds! We will highlight a food entree or item from a restaurant on the property and give it a little highlight. This month here at SeaWorld we start with a double feature:

To celebrate national pretzel day on 4/26, we tried a couple pretzels from Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 022

The bacon wrapped pretzel and cheese pretzel were our choices that day and are always a great snack to pick up on the way to nearby Shamu Stadium!

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 023


That wraps up our swim through SeaWorld’s happenings for the past month.

SeaWorld - Orlando - SeaCast - April - 2016 - 024

But wait! We have yet another surprise, SeaCast is now in video form as well!

Be sure to still read SeaCast for still pictures and some features that are not currently in the video but the video can definitely give some different unique perspectives!

Also be sure to follow along with our social accounts to see the very latest as it happens at the park and beyond:

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