Rumor: Is Flights of Wonder Leaving?

We are going to file this one under a rumor and speculation for now, but multiple sources today have informed us that Flights of Wonder will be closing on December 31st 2017, with its last show at 5:30pm. This show opened with the park back in April of 1998.

Also checking the Disney entertainment show for Jan. 1st 2018 we can see that all shows have scheduled showtimes besides Flights of Wonder. With this and multiple sources claiming the show is ending, we felt there was enough to speculate on this rumored closing.

The show is an edutainment show with bird trainers and very pun -filled humor from a “tour-guide”  that fears birds. Exotic birds are showcased in their natural behaviors and some fun surprises/ close-ups for the audience as well!

While it is sad to see any attraction go including an opening day attraction.  The park will celebrate its 20th Anniversary next year in April on Earth Day. We have heard everything from expansion of the park but with a refurbishment to the show not long ago the bigger rumor is a newer innovative show!

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