RUMOR: BeaverTails returning to Walt Disney World

Since the early 2000s we haven’t seen the lovable and addicting to some pastry grace the Walt Disney World property. That may be changing soon as the process has reportedly been started to offer BeaverTails once again at the most magical place on earth.

Last time we saw them on property was at the Canada Pavilion at Epcot, this time will reportedly be much different and bigger! This time the vendors will be coming to Disney Springs if rumors are true. While were not sure if it will be a cart, trailer or actual building the process and talks have reportedly started.

We could imagine they would offer much more than just their signature pastries this time around with other offering like poutine, signature beverages, and Beaver Dogs (Nathan’s Hot Dogs wrapped in a BeaverTail pastry):

We saw BeaverTails at the IAAPA Attractions Expo/Trade-Show last week and of course they can’t comment.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this rumor we hope to be true and hope the talks between BeaverTails and Disney stay positive! The love of BeaverTails is expanding and growing and that is because it is a great product with tons of variety and quality! For more as we learn it be sure to stay tuned to our social accounts:

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