Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Photo/ Video Highlights!


A few weeks ago we took a cruise on the fabulous Allure of the Seas by Royal Caribbean and thought some of you may like to see some highlights around the ship!

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-001 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-002 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-003

You’ll be amazed what this massive floating fortress has to offer!


Starting off on-board every Royal Caribbean ship is a wall dedicated to the godmother(s) of the ship, and Allure’s is a little more unique than most:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-005 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-006

For our cruise, we went with an inside stateroom and saved a little money but got a great nights sleep as our room is pitch black when all the lights are off; even in the middle of the day!

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-007 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-008

On the back or aft of the ship, is the remarkable aqua theater located on deck 6 within the Boardwalk area (you can also see 1 of 2 massive rock walls):

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-009 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-010 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-011

We can even take a look at how massive it is from deck 15, and from outside the ship:


The aqua theater features a dive show but at night as the Boardwalk comes alive with color, the theater is home to a nice fountain show:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-014 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-015 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-016

From there we can move and take a look at some of the fun features of the Boardwalk, including some models showing how a carousel horse is created and an actual working carousel!

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-017 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-018 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-019 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-020

Moving into a subject that will really make a splash the ship features numerous pools and hot tubs:


Some specialty pools including the adults only solarium pool feature a bar almost poolside:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-022 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-023

Another neat pool on this ship is the beach pool with actual warm salt water and one side that enters the pool with a beach style ramp. The colors and umbrellas here complete the theme:


Wrapping up a brief look at the pools is an area just for kids with lots of splash features and a more shallow pool for the younger ones:



Nearby, towards the aft of the ship, is a nice mini golf course:


If your looking for another place to relax the ship has it’s own Central Park area:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-027 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-028 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-029

The area features cool sculptures, and specialty restaurants:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-030 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-031 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-032

Something else pretty unique makes 1 of it’s 2 stops at Central Park, a neat little place called the Rising Tide Bar. Inside this semi-glass covered area is the upper stop at Central Park. The rising tide bar actually goes from deck 8 to deck 5 at the Royal Promenade and is a fun to hang out and drink while people watching in 2 places at once:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-033 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-034

Speaking of the Royal Promenade, let’s take a brief look around the premier indoor entertainment, shopping, and dining area at sea:


First up on the promenade, one of our favorite places, the Champagne Bar, a great place for a martini or any other drink:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-036 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-037

On Air bar is both a sports bar and features a small stage for Karaoke:


The Bow and Stern is for those that might want a pint in that pub atmosphere:

Shopping opportunities abound on both the sides and right in the middle of the district:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-040 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-041

Sorrento’s is a great place to grab a slice or create your own NY style pizza:


The Royal Promenade is a great place for photo-ops too, the ship features Dreamworks Characters and we had a chance to get a picture with Alex here:


Back on the Boardwalk, Brent managed to find one of his heroes, Mort, from Madagascar:


Further out at the Aqua Theater we met the captain of the ship, Ron Holmes and our cruise director, Dru Pavlov:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-045 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-046 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-047 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-048

Well that covers lots of guest areas around the ship, for more highlights in video form check out our video highlights below detailing things we didn’t get pictures of like a surf machine on the ship, parade on the promenade, and more!

But I said gust areas above… Have you ever wanted to see a cruise engine control room, the size of a galley (kitchen on a ship) that feeds 9,000+ people 3 meals a day, or even the view from the bridge itself? That and more will be featured in our next post related to our vacation!


Stay tuned to our social media channels to find out when that is posted!

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