RMC Mean Streak Hard Hat Tour ~ Cedar Point

Today Cedar Point took the excitement to an all new level for their latest project. A hard hat tour of the work site for select media members and others took place at the park. Our friends at ACE Northern Ohio Region were kind enough to share some of their photos with us to share with you!

Nothing beats getting up close and personal with track before it is installed:

The lift has climbed since our last update, and looks to be headed closer to that 200+ feet we are predicting:

Obviously we haven’t been able to get this close to supports yet but here’s one shot from the same area we highlighted before:

In this shot we see lots like the inversions and lift hill. If you look close you can see a 3rd set of supports for that 3rd set of rails:

From inside the old queue area we see how low that really get:

It seems more and more likely from the angles above and this one below that the 1st big drop will be near, if not vertical. While no track is in place yet, supports are clearly ready:

After completing that daunting 1st drop rider will head into this turn and head towards the 3rd outward banked turn (2nd pictures) which we highlighted in our first couple updates:

Finally, over at the mid-course break area, we have some cool shots of track entering and exiting this flat area:

Again, a very special thanks to Scott Short of ACE Northern Ohio for allowing us to share his pictures from today!

Be sure to check out North Coast Con next month to take place at the park! It will be a lot of fun, includes a meal, Exclusive Ride time and some other fun surprises for sure!

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  1. August 12, 2017

    […] the first couple developments since our last update and since that hard hat tour take place away from the construction site. First up we have learned that the public is invited to […]

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