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Universal has a new dining experience in Citywalk and we’ve covered it’s progress extensively and now it is finally opened! So naturally, on opening day we were one of the first to be in line to try this truly decadent experience.

Universal Orlando Construction Update July 2016 Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen 002

The menu is extensive and massive so for this one we’re just gonna show you the cover. But rest assured there is something for everyone here, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and some regular style entrees. Some of the food items feature chocolate or a special touch of chocolate which is fitting given the restaurant:

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 001


We started off our adventure with a couple appetizers. First up the chocolate almond bread served with salted caramel butter. The portion is nice for sharing with up to 4 people and the butter is an excellent compliment of flavor. (10/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 002

Next up, the black and tan onion rings served with cocoa ranch dipping sauce. While the onion rings taste like they are out of the bag, the dish is rescued by by the dipping sauce and before you think chocolate ranch is nasty, I encourage you to try it before you knock it. Also as a note, they do offer regular ranch if you don’t like the cocoa ranch dip. Again, a good appetizer sharing portion! (7/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 003

Moving into our first main dish we tried the brisket and wild mushroom meatloaf with corn, crispy fried onions, Yukon gold mashed potatoes and bordelaise sauce. This dish is built for a very hungry person and, as you might infer from it’s name, isn’t your average tasting meatloaf. The portion size is great and with all the flavors to take in can be a little much. We found the meatloaf to be a little dry, but that can be easily remedied by the bordelaise sauce. Overall just would like there to be a more profound solid taste throughout, but still a great plate! (9/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 004

The other main dish that we tried on our first visit was the gnocchi. This was tossed in a mole sauce (which contained a touch of chocolate and cinnamon), thin-sliced grilled chicken, rapini, and grilled sweet peppers. The flavor was perfect and had just the right amount of everything. It wasn’t your typical cream sauce gnocchi, but it was still a great dish and according to our awesome server one of the  best on the menu. Portion size is also perfect for a moderately hungry person, just save room for dessert. (10/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 005

Speaking of dessert, we ventured away from the items you can get at the counter service bar (milkshakes and sundaes), and decided to try items you can only get when dining in.

Our first dessert was the chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate ice cream. The portion was perfect and still filling for an already full person. The bread to chocolate ration was also just right! (10/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 006

Finally our last item was the chocolate mousse.  Served in a martini glass it is thick and hearty, not light and fluffy. Some people prefer a certain style so I point that out. This was the perfect texture for me and though the portion looks small in the picture trust me its just enough chocolate before needing to chug a gallon of milk. We also like the touch of a sprocket on top and a dusting of cocoa powder. (10/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 007 Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 008

Service/ Atmosphere:

These 2 categories make the great food even better here, starting out with the service! Our server Tim B. and another team member named Frankie whom we assumed was a front of house supervisor/ manager checked on us frequently to make sure we were having a great meal and recommended items that made the restaurant unique instead of just trying a burger or sandwich. We also had a chance to meet the character of Penelope and her robot which is kind of atmosphere and service merged into one. In the service realm we we’re wowed and impressed with the level of attention and friendliness that made this the best guest service experience we’ve had at Universal! (10/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 009

As I mentioned above, Penelope and her robot stopped by to greet us and she were very interactive to theme and story of the restaurant. But that story and theme doesn’t stop there, around the restaurant you can see steampunk themeing and sculptures from Penelope’s travels! A very well laid out restaurant with walk-up counter service desserts, gift shop with gnache and other sweet treats, and of course the feast kitchen area which we review above! (10/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 011Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 010

Check our video tour of this wonderful place with food highlights and see Penelope and her robot in action!

Overall, this is one of the better additions to Citywalk in the past few years and leaves us wanting to come back to try more of the special food options and to have a drink or two at the 2nd floor bar! A solid themed dining experience which is what exactly what the resort needs more of! (9.5/10)

Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 012 Toothsome Universal Orlando Resort 013

Special notes: Please remember we did not try or review the signature shakes or sundaes in this review. Also, please keep in mind that none of our food was complimentary and we paid for our whole experience and only used our Annual Pass discount. Thanks!

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