Review: The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

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For our next restaurant review we decided to visit a place often overlooked not only at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, but Walt Disney World Resort as a whole for dinner, The Wave.

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First up, one of my dining party tried the Bacon and Eggs: Maple-lacquered Pork Belly with Lake Meadow Naturals Perfect Egg and Tillamook Smoked Cheddar Grit. Overall he said it was a good dish and I did not try this one he said it was a good dish and delivered on his expectations:

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Also hitting the table about the same time as the appetizer was some bread and butter with a seasoned sea salt. The bread had a good tasted and the butter is what made it great, I would only have liked for the bread to be warm: 8/10

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With 3 in our dining party we each tried something different in the entrees department and I had a chance to try all 3 dishes.

I decided on the restaurants signature dish,  Herb-Salt Seasoned Beef Tenderloin $32.99: Caramelized Crimini Mushrooms, Garlic-Green Beans, Whipped Potato Purée, and Sauce Bordelaise. The bordelaise sauce saved this dish, the tenderloin was cooked correctly (medium rare for me) and the mushrooms tasted great. For being described as garlic green beans there was only really a hint of garlic flavor to be had there. The “potato puree” a.k.a. mashed potatoes was good and you could tell they were fresh made. Overall it didn’t wow me but is a great dish for a beef lover here: 8/10

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Another dish we tried was the Cider-brined Pork Tenderloin $23.99: Bacon-braised Rainbow Chard, Apple-Pear Butter, and Ham Jus. The chard had an ok taste and again for this dish the apple-pear butter and ham jus made the dish. The pork was cooked great to a nice tender texture that even someone who might not be a fan of pork could like it. It a more sweeter choice on the menu but not overpowering sweet the savory comes in great from the tenderloin. We also all agreed the biggest drawback on this dish was portion size which could have been a little bigger: 8/10

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Finally, we tried the Seared Potato Gnocchi $21.99: Cabernet Cream Sauce, Braised Beef, and Meyer Lemon Crème Fraîche. This was probably the best most unique dish to the restaurant in my opinion. The Beef was nice and tender, the portion size was huge for the price, the cream sauce was a perfect fit for the nicely cooked gnocchi. If I had to pick something I have already tried on a return visit this would be it: 10/10

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Service/ Atmosphere:

When it came to service, our waiter was great and the other staff were very friendly as you would expect at Disney though we did not see any above and beyond moments, nor was there much interest in creating them: 8/10

Nothing special in the realm of atmosphere either with being a very plain interior restaurant almost a little darker than it should be; average but nothing spectacular: 6/10


While it definitely isn’t the best restaurant on Disney property, it isn’t the worst either. I would recommend this to anyone who can’t get a reservation at one of their favorites and use this as a priority 2 option for a sit down meal. There is no view to have and the other places to eat at Contemporary definitely have better views. I had always heard bad things about this restaurant, but when I experienced it for myself I found it to be a very ok place: 8/10

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