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A few days ago we had a chance to visit a restaurant that has long been on our bucket list for Orlando Theme Parks:

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That is the new, colorful logo, as featured in our Mako construction updates, but there are still signs of the old coloration and logo:

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 006


Here’s a look at the current menu:

Mako - Construction - SeaWorld - Orlando - 223

We started off our meal by sharing the Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip appetizer. The dip was great and full of flavor, mainly the cheese you can see it was topped with. It came with won-ton chips that seemingly melt-away in your mouth as you eat them. The flavor was great but not the best dip we’ve had. Portion size was excellent and the special chips made it better. 8/10

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 001

Next up, our first entree the Filet Mignon served with loaded mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. The beef was cooked the way I asked and seasoned just perfectly for me. The potatoes were a good portion and vegetables were also full of flavor and had a nice texture. The sauce or gravy, if you will, on the steak was full of flavor as well making this a well-rounded dish I didn’t have to season. My only drawback was the cut I had was a little fatty/ chewy on one side 9/10

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 002

Our other entree was Shrimp Tempura, and arguably the best we’ve ever tried. The breading was great on the shrimp, but the flavors didn’t stop there. A garlic-like soy, almost teriyaki even, sauce that the stir fry vegetables were cooked in was full of amazing flavors. Be warned the red sauce on the bowl is not cocktail sauce though, it is sriracha sauce, very spicy! Portion size on this was great, Brent had made the mentioned he would have preferred more small shrimps instead of 4 large ones but other than that this is a great entree! 10/10

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 003

Honorable mention (not reviewed):

I also tried the Ocean Lava specialty drink that comes in the Mako souvenir glass. This is one of four special Mako themed drinks now on the menu:

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 004

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 005

It was a great drink and mixed very well with a generous amount of alcohol! Also of note, you get to keep the Mako glass as a gift for purchasing the drink.

Service/ Atmosphere:

Starting off in the review of service, we were well taken care of. Not just by our server but the manager who was constantly walking around the restaurant and talking and engaging guests in the restaurant. One of the best features I noticed in the topic of service is that seemingly everyone that works in the restaurant can identify most of the fish and all of the sharks in the tank. 10/10

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 010

Speaking of  the shark tank this is obviously what makes Sharks Underwater Grill the great experiences and atmosphere it is. The layout is so that every table can see and enjoy the animals in the habitat. There are lots of animals to see too with all different kinds of sharks! On top of that there is a bar that doubles as a small fish tank area. Very cool and neat atmosphere all around! Some of the seating is a little date however, and some my find it be a little old timey-looking 9/10

Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 007 Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 008 Sharks Underwater Grill SeaWorld Orlando 009


Overall, Sharks Underwater Grill is one of the best restaurants I have ever had the pleasure of eating in inside a theme park! From the great knowledgeable staff, to the wonderful selection of food that holds the theme of the restaurant, this place delivers on all fronts. It has something for everyone to eat and I will definitely return to try some other dishes here and have the tempura again! I’m proud to say this is our first, and hopefully not our last restaurant to earn the WildGravity Travels seal of approval! 10/10

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