Review: Rose and Crown Dining Room ~ EPCOT

Our latest restaurant review takes us to an international level at EPCOT as we decided to try out something that’s been on my bucket list for awhile. The Rose and Crown Dining Room at the United Kingdom pavilion of World Showcase offers traditional British fare and we were excited to try it!


Our first dish was an appetizer, the Crock of Potato Leek Soup. The flavor was good and the portion generous for the price. Overall a good way to start our meal, but not spectacular. (8/10)

The first of four entrees we tried was the Fish and Chips. For those who have been to Epcot, this is a slightly larger portion than the walk up window but every bit as good! Only nit-picky opinion is instead of one large piece of fish we’d like to see them give 2 or three smaller pieces. (9/10)

Next up was the dish for the person that’s not all that into British style cuisine, Grilled NY Strip Steak. Though this dish came with Yorkshire Pudding, vegetables, and Jameson Irish Whiskey peppercorn sauce. The Yorkshire pudding was probably the best thing on the plate but overall this is a suitable dish for the person at thew table that isn’t much interested in the cuisine of choice. The sauce was ok at best. (5/10)

Moving away from that the next dish is Bangers and Mash, possibly the best dish on the menu here! The overall flavor and portion size was perfect! For those that don’t know, Bangers is basically sausage and mash and is pretty self explanatory. This is served with carmelized onion jam and demi-glace. Brent who actually ordered this dish described it as “shear perfection!” (10/10)

Last up in the entree category, was my Shepard’s Pie with ground lamb, peas, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and McCall’s Irish Cheddar. The dish was well put together and great would have liked a little more sauce in the bowl but very flavorful and well done! (9/10)

Finally we tried the Banoffee Tart for dessert. This is bananas, Jameson Irish Whiskey- Caramel sauce, sweet cream, chocolate. A great mixture of all the flavors and good portion to share after the nice dishes above. (10/10)

Service/ Atmosphere:

Our server was very attentive, courteous and knowledgeable about the menu and walked us a few uncertainties. No complaints but no above and beyond service. (8/10)

Though we didn’t get to sit inside the atmosphere outside was great. As long as the weather is nice you get a sheltered view of World Showcase Lagoon. Not a whole lot to look at and the inside was a little noisy so sitting in there may have been a little annoying to talk over the noise too. (8/10)


Rose and Crown is a great place to have good meal and discover a new cuisine. Your non adventurous diner may be a little unhappy, but overall a great place to have lunch or dinner before exploring the rest of the world. (8/10)

If you’re not feeling a sit down meal be sure to check out one of Epcot’s many festivals. Currently taking place is the Flower and Garden Festival:

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