Review: Planet Hollywood Obserevatory ~ Disney Springs

Our latest review takes us back to Disney Springs, and to the newly refurbished Planet Hollywood Observatory:

*As full disclaimer and under law we want to state this meal was compensated to us by the restaurant for review*

All of our other reviews up to this point have been our personal expense in full, now onto the review.


Our first dish was the High Roller Platter. Served on a Ferris wheel of food, the wheel features many items: Chicken Crunch, Texas Tostados, Buffalo Wings, Five Cheese Dip, and Peri-Peri Shrimp. Think of this as a very pricey sampler of all many appetizers. Overall about 3 of the items were good the rest were barely tolerable. The shrimp was nearly too spicy beyond being edible. The tostados were probably the best item on the platter. The cheese dip was ok but very forgettable and everything else was just there. (4/10)

Our table also tried 2 of the entrees, the first one being the Turkey Pic-A-Nic Sandwich. This is a Guy Fieri signature item with roasted turkey breast, cranberry relish, Swiss cheese on a garlic buttered pretzel bun. My first issue with the sandwich is the idea of using shredded turkey on this type of slider style sandwich. One bite and half of it was nearly in my lap. Be warned also this sandwich was served warm, not hot and not chilled. The fries served with this dish were probably the best thing on the plate. My suggestion is if you want a turkey sandwich of this nature, go to Earl of Sandwich and get the holiday or turkey club for a much cheaper price. Very unimpressed (3/10)

The other entree we received was the Guy Fieri signature Bacon Mac-n-Cheese Burger. Overall, this was probably the best item that came to our table all night. It was unique and had great flavor and a great size burger loaded with 6- cheese mac’n’cheese and Applewood smoked bacon. Great flavor and served with triple fries (BBQ seasoning on french fries) (10/10)

Onto dessert we received the Planet Meltdown and a one of the Supernova signature shakes. Starting with the meltdown, double chocolate fudge cake is revealed when molten caramel melts the outer chocolate shell. This is a better show than dessert and the size is small. Overall again this is a nice gimmick to watch but taste and portion size being small reduces my rating of it. (6/10)


Wrapping up with the food offering with the Chocolate Comet shake. These shakes are similar to those found up the road at Toothsome on Universal Orlando property. The presentation was nice and all the outer ingredients and features are nice, but the shake itself was watery and in some sips icy. Milkshakes aren’t rocket science and somehow they make it seem more difficult than it actually is. I feel like chocolate syrup in water would taste better and this, much like its Toothsome counterpart is not worth the price tag. The 3 points awarded are for presentation and presentation alone because the product has nothing else to stand on (3/10)

Service/ Atmosphere:

Everyone on our visit was very welcoming and friendly to us. Service was fast and sometimes food was coming a little quick to the table, a good problem to have. We were checked on many times and drinks were kept full, no complaints here. (10/10)

Atmosphere is similar to the old theme with lots of memorabilia and a great place for a movie buff to walk around see all the props and models. Some of the seating area looked cramped and the music and audio can be a little loud at times making it hard to hear the person across the table from you. (7/10)


All the bad you may have heard about old Planet Hollywood, seems to have stayed with the new concept. Food is now overpriced for what they offer leaving me the logical conclusion that the price is for atmosphere. That is not worth it and the burger we had was the only home-run, so maybe stop in for that. As far as comparing it to other Disney Springs restaurants, I’d put it in the expensive Rainforest Cafe category. Eat here dead last, because Rainforest or T-Rex at least have more to look at while enjoying overpriced microwave style food. (6/10)

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