Review: Paddlefish Opening Day Lunch ~ Disney Springs

So I convinced Brian (@MrBrianORL) to do something he and actually myself rarely do, go to a restaurant on opening day. While we didn’t sample much, (no free media event) I do feel we tried enough to warrant a review.


Our first dish was the Lobster Corn Dogs. These had a whimsical feel to them being something most people know but different. Overall the taste was great and the portion was fair given the price. (8/10)

Brian also decided to delight on the Clam Chowder. I had a couple tastes and from what I had it was a great dish for someone like me that doesn’t care much for clams. For a clam chowder connoisseur however it may leave you disappointed with its creamy and herb filled flavor profile. (7/10)

After that, we were onto our entrees, I decided on a dish I always love to review, for those who follow my other reviews like Homecoming, Catfish.  Breaded in cornmeal and served with edamame-bacon succotash and a citrus salad, this dish was a different flavor than normal catfish but still great! Everything was cooked nicely and the portion was very generous. The only thing I would have liked is maybe some sort of specialty sauce to be served with it.  (9/10)

Brian gave on old favorite from the Fulton’s Crab House a try with the Crab Cake “BLT”.  Apple-wood bacon, cheddar, romaine, tomato, mustard sauce, ciabatta complete this set-up and served with some very standard fries. Having tried a bite the sandwich is great however is kinda small for the price it comes with. A bigger portion would allow for a better score.  (7/10)

Service/ Atmosphere:

Our service staff was a little slow, something to be expected on opening day, but the managers on duty were right on top of it and we even got a visit from the chef unexpectedly. I love that they verified plating and asked our opinion as if he was still seeking to improve some already fantastic dishes. Restaurants and menus can only evolve with open honest and constructive feedback. (9/10)

The biggest downside I think that we both found is the bland atmosphere. The nautical theme is very subtle and I think could use some sprucing up. However, even the outside of the paddle-boat was made a lot less eye-catching and maybe some would allude that to a modernization. I’m not sure if this was Disney’s choice or the restaurants, but it was a terrible one in my opinion. The only positive is one that has always been there, some nice views of Disney property from the upper decks.  (3/10)


Paddlefish brings a great menu to a classic Disney Springs icon, albeit what’s left of it. For those overwhelmed by the extensive menu at nearby Boathouse, the simplistic one here is welcome relief. While I don’t feel it is the best Seafood on Disney property, it will definitely carve out its place at Disney Springs. Bringing some unique tastes and plating ideas to the table, pun intended, I feel it will thrive as a great 2nd/3rd tier choice. This meaning that if your first or sometimes second choice is taken seek out Paddlefish for a semi-pricey but nice meal.


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