Review: Morimoto Asia

Welcome to the first restaurant review on the site and were starting off in grand style with a newer restaurant, Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs.

Morimoto - Asia - 001

The interior of the restaurant is beautiful and great layout with lots to see!

Morimoto - Asia - 002

Starting off, neither of us are really sushi people though we do like tempura sushi so we gave the Shrimp Tempura a try. The flavor profile was a little on the peppery side, though it was till pretty good tempura. 5/10

Morimoto - Asia - 003

Onto entrees, we tried the Orange Chicken, Beef Lo Mein, and the restaurant’s signature: Peking Duck.

Morimoto - Asia - 004

The taste of the Orange Chicken was very expected flavor and nothing too exciting. I and my dining part all found it to be on the sweet side of things without much tart, sadly what most orange chicken has turned into these days. 6/10

Morimoto - Asia - 005

Moving on to the Beef Lo Mein, this was actually pretty tasty and the beef was tender and had lots of flavor. Some may find the noodles and dish as a whole to be dry. However the food itself had lots of flavor absorbed into it, this is a sign of good Wok cooking. 9/10

Morimoto - Asia - 006

Finally, I tried the Peking Duck. This was probably the best duck I have ever had, given I’ve only had it 4 time previous of this one. ¬†You are served a carved whole duck with 2 sauces, Apricot Sweet Chili and Hoisin Miso, and steamed flour pancakes (small tortillas). The sauces are an ok, not great, addition to the dish but the duck itself had a great stand alone flavor and was very juicy. 9/10

Morimoto - Asia - 007

Overall, while many will feel the dishes are a little overpriced, the location breeds a little up-pricing strategy. The portions are generous for the cost and while this isn’t the best value at Disney Springs, I feel it could be the best restaurant. The selection of dishes and sushi are very basic for a Japanese Restaurant, but again I feel that comes with the territory of being in a tourist market.

Overall rating factoring in value, flavor, selection, and service: 7/10

Morimoto - Asia - 008

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds delicious! I can’t wait until our next visit.

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