Review: Melt Bar & Grilled ~ Cedar Point

It’s not very often we chose to review a chain, but even less often that an amusement park adds a new sit down location. Melt Bar and Grilled, is in its simplest form a grilled cheese restaurant with bar. In reality each restaurant is an experience different from the others with gourmet grilled cheese offerings and variations. Cedar Point, represents the newest and clearly most unique experience, but more on that in atmosphere. Let’s get to the menu:

As you can see there is a wide variety of options to make this more than just your average grilled cheese, though they have that too!


We had a chance to try 4 sandwiches, first up was the Wake and Bacon. This is a grilled cheese with fried egg, hickory bacon, and American Cheese. Overall this is great for someone who loves egg or for almost a brunch sandwich offering. Great tastes and quality bacon make this a great option and a great portion as with all the entrees.  (10/10)   *Half Portion Pictured*

Next was the Mighty Macaroni with creamy made daily mac and cheese that is then fried, and topped with cheddar cheese sauce and your choice of sliced cheese. This was by far my favorite sandwich what we tried. Being a cheese lover, this sandwich alone will tempt me every time I’m at the park. You have to love cheese or be in the mood for a lot of it! (10/10)   *Full portion pictured*

Next we come to The Backyard BBQ Pork with roasted pulled pork, thick breaded onion rings, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese. This sandwich is a BBQ person’s dream and probably my second favorite. The pork was extremely juicy and flowed with BBQ flavor. Think of this as a pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast and much more flavor! (10/10) *Full Portion Pictured*

Our final sandwich was a unique choice, but not surprisingly did not disappoint. The Dude Abides has homemade meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, basil marinara sauce, roasted garlic, and Parmesan Romano cheese. Quite a long list of toppings and the more the better. This is your favorite meatball sub on a sandwich. It had a great balance of meat, cheese and sauce, the garlic was an added bonus! (10/10)

Service/ Atmosphere:

In the category of service, our visit saw a slightly slow service, but nothing worth concern. Our server was very friendly and very knowledgeable on the menu and even recommended a couple of custom options for future visits! (9/10)

I really wish I could give bonus points for atmosphere, because for someone who loves learning and seeing park’s history this is yet another mecca of Cedar Point History. Even on the menu you notice lots of old logos and themes to old coasters. The walls are comparable to a TGI Fridays with “fun clutter” but this is no clutter these are actual old signs and ride pictures. (10/10)

A highly featured coaster is the last one the park closed, Mean Streak, which is becoming a great new creation. See more in our construction updates!


A very reasonable price for amusement park food, this restaurant will tempt me to revisit every time in the park despite not being on the all season dining plan. Some of the best sandwiches I have ever had in a park and that includes the Disney/ Universal restaurants.  This place is a certified gem in the park and so far no bad food option! We hope that Cedar Point will expand this contract to include other parks soon!!! Despite only a slightly slow service the food and atmosphere make it the place to eat in the park and give it our 1st perfect score in a while! (10/10)

To learn more about Melt Bar and Grilled check out their website and story!

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