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Our latest review takes us to the beautiful Royal Pacific Resort to try the Islands Dining Room.


Our menu was an abbreviated one as we used magical dining month which is a 3-course prix-fixe menu for just $33. We still had a fair selection of items from each course though:



For our first appetizer we tried the Pork Potstickers. The taste or flavor was as expected and wasn’t much excitement generated here, they were fresh tasting and good but not great. (7/10)


Our other appetizer was the Vegetable Spring Rolls. Again not much excitement to be had the portion size was suitable and good but nothing special: (7/10)


We all had the same entree from our limited menu this time, the Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry. This was probably the best thing we had all night the flavor was good and everything tasted fresh. A great portion size that for some could generate leftovers for another meal. (10/10)


Finally for dessert, we had 2 separate items.

First, the Ying and Yang Oreo Mousse Cake was a small portion but still pretty flavorful and but not as smooth as you would like mousse to be. (8/10)


Second, the 5 Spices banana cream pie. This portion size was also small, but could have been because of the special menu. However it was really pasty and didn’t have much in the way of spice as the name promised. Almost like eating a bowl of not completely  mashed baby food bananas but still a little tasty. (6/10)


Service/ Atmosphere:

The Service here was at a little above par for us. The server was very attentive until he started getting busy. All of the other staff was very friendly and one of us (Brent) took the opportunity to get a picture with a minion. (8/10)


The atmosphere was very open but nicely themed to the Pacific it was supposed to fit in with. Lots of cool items are scattered around the restaurant but it lacks some energy to it. (8/10)

universal-orlando-resort-islands-dining-008 universal-orlando-resort-islands-dining-009


Overall we would say this is a nice and good but not great restaurant. Definitely a place where an entree only meal is ok and maybe go somewhere else for dessert like Toothsome from our last review! (8/10)

Please keep in mind, unlike other sites that don’t disclose it, none of our food was complimentary and we paid for our whole experience at this restaurant!

Finally, a special thanks to Brian of Orlando Park Pass for joining us on this dining adventure!

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