Review: D-LUXE Burger ~ Disney Springs

DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 002

Recently Brent and I (Jim) had a chance to try out the all new D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs.

DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 007

The menu has lots to try in specialty burgers and more cool treats like shakes:

DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 004 DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 009


First I started with the BBQ Burger:

DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 001

The burger flavor was peppery and you could see the pepper in the patty. My impression on this burger was ultimately it was just a burger with some specialty toppings. Being a fan of BBQ burgers in general, I found this one to be a little lack luster especially given its price. It was a smaller burger than other places and don’t get me wrong it was good but this wouldn’t be my first choice to have a burger even on Disney Property 3/10

Next up, Brent’s burger, and he went with the classic cheeseburger:

DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 008

His review was pretty similar to mine above stating that it wasn’t very good and even noting that it was greasy and just not that great. Also on both burgers, we were told at the counter all burgers are cooked to medium well and yet received our burgers cooked to only medium. Not a problem for me, but Brent likes his cooked a little more. 2/10

Finally, we shared in a small order of fries with garlic ranch sauce. The sauce was good, and fries are fries though the portion size was a little small for $4.99. 5/10

Service/ Atmosphere:

Service was as expected at the restaurant, with cast members all over, ensuring everything was good with guest orders. No real above and beyond experiences that made it seem Disney though. 6/10

In the realm of atmosphere, themeing was great and almost western theme. It reminded me of a smaller Peco’s Bills for those of you who have been to Magic Kingdom with lots of themeing on the walls and around the restaurant. Very nicely done for such a small venue, but I feel like I should be eating BBQ, not burgers here. 6/10

DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 003 DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 005 DLuxe Burger Disney Springs 006


Overall, I would say; if you’re stuck at Disney Springs, want a burger, don’t want a table service restaurant experience, and I mean are seriously stuck at Disney Springs, then this place is for you. As I mentioned above it is a great place to check out the themeing but beyond that not much more. If you can get off property there is a Fudrucker’s just down the street. If you are stuck on Disney Property via Disney transportation I’d recommend seeking a burger somewhere else. 5/10

As far as counter service at Disney Springs is concerned Earl of Sandwich is still my first choice!

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