Ray Rush ~ SeaWorld Orlando

Today we were given the chance to ride Ray Rush at Aquatica Orlando! It opens to the public tomorrow and we were lucky to get the chance to go during media preview.

At the check in table, we were given a very helpful phone protector! An orange wristband was required to participate in the media event. (Ray Rush did soft open to the public after the event was over.)

These are the requirements to ride Ray Rush: 150 to 700 pounds and no single riders. There is a scale at the top.

A new lounge chair area was built directly under Ray Rush. We didn’t see anyone using it today but it will probably be used during the busy summer season.

The queue for Ray Rush provides some interesting views of the slide’s pipes and mechanics that you normally won’t find at most water parks.

Ray Rush honors quick queue, which actually goes up the T-Racer tower and then merges at the top of the Ray Rush tower.

Ray Rush first starts with the water blasters, and then the sphere, which can easily be seen from the tolls and parking lot. After the sphere comes the tunnel with stingrays on the inside! comes the half-pipe, which was the longest part of the ride.

It’s a long way down! Check out our reverse POV of Michael and Michael!

We both agree that Ray Rush is the best ride at Aquatica Orlando and maybe even all of Orlando’s waterparks!

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