“Ray Rush” Name Trademarked by SeaWorld

Rumors have abounded recently that SeaWorld Orlando’s waterpark Aquatica would be receiving a new slide in response to Volcano Bay up the street. Even more speculation is that this slide would be a water coaster similar to Krakatau Aqua Coaster.

Today, while visiting the trademark site we discovered that a new name, great for a water slide, had been trademarked by SeaWorld.

“Ray Rush”

While the likely location for this attraction we have zero official details on is Aquatica Orlando, let’s keep in mind that Adventure Island near Busch Gardens Tampa could get it as well. Also all the other parks in the chain including CA Aquatica. We have heard from several sources a new slide is coming to both Aquatica Orlando and Adventure Island so we’ll have to keep you posted on where Ray Rush ends up!

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