Pixar Play Parade Returns with New Elements ~ Disneyland Resort

On April 13th as part of the all new Pixar Fest, the Pixar Play Parade will return to Disneyland Park. More exciting is the addition of 3 new floats or story elements to the parade.

Much like all the movies, the parade will be lead by the Pixar Lamp; joined by the Pixar ball:

The second new element of the parade comes from the movie UP! Russel rides the parade route on the back of Kevin, while Carl and Dug ride on a green display with Snipe chicks:

Finally, the last new element comes from Inside Out. Riding the rocket wagon, Joy and Sadness takes flight on memory orbs with Bing Bong not far behind:

These new features in an old favorite parade bring new life and color to the park during an exciting time.  Pixar Fest begins on April with the return of the parade and other festivities. Be sure to follow our social accounts for more Disney fun:

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