Mystic Timbers ~ Kings Island

We recently visited Kings Island and got some great shots of their new coaster Mystic Timbers in action. Stay tuned below for our opinion on the new coaster. Let’s start our journey with some shots from the 1/3 scale Eiffel Tower at the park:

From up here, we can see pretty much the whole layout, what isn’t hidden in the trees:

As we can see from that wide shot, on the right from this angle we see the station and mysterious shed:

On the left is the lift and sweeping drop off of it:

Speaking of the sweeping drop, it look even more stunning from the ground:

As the coaster rumbles through the woods, its hard not to wear your smile on such a fun ride:

Even from deep in the woods, we can see our aerial shot location, the Eiffel Tower:

The tunnel on a wooden coaster is sorta a Kings Island tradition with The Beast so Mystic Timbers has one in the turnaround section of the coaster:

Over at the entrance you can see the Miami Valley Lumber Co. has had some mishaps. Maybe this has something to do with the shed:

A train rumbles its way out of the station:

Our site’s resident Great Coasters International or GCI expert Brent’s take on the coaster:

Timbers is by no means the tallest, fastest, or best coaster at the park; however, GCI designed and constructed another home run of a coaster. The elements flow smoothly from one into another. Those elements are appropriate and of scale for the size of the coaster. Timbers location gives you an amazing ride through the woods of Kings Island, something they have perfected over the years. While I do miss having the over sized fan turn, Timbers is an stellar addition to the parks portfolio of rides.

My (Jim) review on the ride:

While it may not be the biggest or the baddest coaster at Kings Island, it is probably one of the most fun at the park. The little airtime pops all throughout make this an enjoyable experience. I also feel the location for the ride is near perfect. Young riders can come straight from riding coasters in Planet Snoopy and move up to this nice mid-size treat before taking on The Beast (my personal favorite wooden coaster). Mystic Timbers is a great addition to not only the park’s collection of rides, but the GCI resume of products. I haven’t ridden a single one of their coasters I didn’t like yet.

Michael M. also wanted share his review riding a week or so before we had a chance to:

Behind Diamondback, Mystic Timbers was my second favorite ride at Kings Island. Starting with the ride entrance, the theming is outstanding for a wooden coaster, with the ride sign and the car. Even the lift hill was themed and varied at different speeds. I loved the airtime hills and enjoyed the ride at night better than the day, since the ride went through the forest and had little lighting. My favorite part of the shed was the tribute to Son of Beast.

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