Mine Blower Construction Update #9 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

With the first drop on its way down, things are looking up all across Fun Spot:

Starting off with multiple looks at the first drop we can clearly see the angle and excitement this will be sure to give riders:

The bottom of the first drop is progressing nicely as well. Supports have also gone up for the second hill as well though it may be hard to see in the pictures:


Over at the station we notice the roof pieces have been installed. We also see an opening on the station platform likely for exit or entrance stairs to the coaster:

An interesting section exiting the station has shown up as well. We believe this could be a switch track piece for a train maintenance area. We’ll be keeping an eye on this as I am not sure at all:

On the track area re-entering the station work has begun on the baseboards for steel track pieces:

The lift hill has been progressing nicely as well and should continue to rise in the coming weeks:

Some more supports are assembled on the ground and could possible be for the section we haven’t seen any progress on since the white plates were installed:

Near that area though we spot the top piece for Hot Seat the removed Screamin’ Swing. This had been sitting in the supply lot, so it looks like that rebuild will start soon:

Wrapping our look from the future site of the coaster, with our usual wide-angle end shot seeing a look at all the elements we discussed above:

Closing out in the supply lot we see what we have seen for many weeks now; lots of wood and other parts for coaster:

Be sure to follow all our social accounts for more on Mine Blower and beyond. If you like our construction updates we’ve been providing some in-depth coverage over at Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay.

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