Mine Blower Construction Update #8 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Our latest look at Mine Blower at Fun Spot is taking us to new heights let’s go to the video:

Starting off with the big story of the week, we see some towering supports have gone up. These are for the first drop and I would estimate they are near 82 feet tall which is the advertised height of the coaster:

We can really see how the skyline of Fun Spot will be enhanced by this coaster. This picture from the other side of the park gives you an idea of the scale of the coaster to everything else in the park:

Looking from a couple specific angles we can see that the valley of the first drop has progressed as well:

Moving on to the station platform we see lots of progression with track baseboards in place here and lots of places around the site. Though platform work is progressing but still no roof yet. In some of the pictures we can see the turn out of the station and its progression as well:

The 90 degree banked turn had some supports added this week, as well as a hand-rail and again some track baseboards:

The double down and high-speed low to the ground cross-section have also gained similar progress:

The return to station track area is getting additional cross beams for support of the braking system:

Taking a wide look from the end of the site we can see all the elements. You could almost tell there’s a coaster coming if we didn’t already know.

A great progress compared to just 1 month ago:

Be sure to take a look back at our previous updates to see all the progress on Mind Blower!

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