Mine Blower Construction Update #7 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Supports and more are on the rise in Kissimmee, FL at Fun Spot America. Let’s start by taking a look at the video update:

Starting off where the ride will start we see some great development on the station. We can see the development of the platform for loading and unloading:

Those 10 white supports around/above the station are likely for the roof pieces, which are staged on-site nearby. After this is done we can move onto the barrel roll which will be just above the station.

Coming of the station we can now see the supports for the turn leading us to what will be the lift hill:

Some of the lift has also gone up in the past week as well:

If you look carefully through the station return supports we can even see some supports that are low to the ground. These could be the first drop or a low to the ground action element:

Just beyond that, the turn we’ve been watching has gotten even more banked and is closer to the 90 degree turn it will become:

That turn takes place after the double-down element which we saw pieces for last update and now see even taller pieces in place:

Down on the other end of the coaster’s foot-print we see nearly no signs of action as work seems to be focused around all the elements discussed above. This does provide us a nice overall look at the coaster right now though:

A look across the water shows us the air compressors have been placed for Hot Seat (Screamin’ Swing) have been put into place:

Finally taking a look at the supply lot we see the arrival of even more wood. This indicates more action should be taking place all the time around the site.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Mine Blower looks like it’s coming along quite nicely… hopefully the construction is on or ahead of schedule. I could see this coaster being a cloned, assuming other theme/amusement parks in the US or in other countries wish to have a similar/identical coaster.

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