Mine Blower Construction Update #6 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Another week and more developments on site at Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee:

Moving on to our pictures now, we see more supports have gone up and these are the tallest yet:

These newly installed pieces continue the track-flow from where the coaster first went vertical:

As mentioned in the video, while we were there we saw several workers installing track-side maintenance walkways:

In the past week more supporting cross beams and wood have been installed to further connect and stabilize the vertical pieces to one another:

More walkways were spotted in the supply lot. Also in the supply lot, we find some small white pieces, and some dense wood has been move to the side where supplies are being sorted and used:

We close out our update with what we expect to be upright next week. These pieces seem to be more tall pieces and then in the second picture we see some shorter pieces similar to the other turn already vertical:

For more on Mine Blower and lots more construction all around be sure to check out our Construction Tag Page. As always be sure to follow our social accounts for the latest news from around the parks!

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