Mine Blower Construction Update #5 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Our 5th update on Fun Spot’s newest coaster Mine Blower brings us lots of ground work but some slowing on the vertical work:

As shown in the video, not much else has been put into place since our update last week. However around the site we spot several larger support assemblies stacked. These will probably need at least a small crane to lift them into place:

Some of the supports have a square structure unlike the “L” shaped ones being put up right now. This could be for some more intense areas or taller areas of the coaster:

By my count a few posts have been installed near the original vertical area since our last post:

Overall here’s a look at the progress that has gone vertical:

The area where the Screaming Swing called Hot Seat is moving to has its footers in place now:

The whole ride remains scattered between the supply lot and next to its old location:

Speaking of the supply lot, support beams are a lot more unpacked and spread out and even more wood has arrived:

For more on Mine Blower be sure to check out our previous updates! Also, stay tuned to our social channels for even more theme park news and excitement:

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