Mine Blower Construction Update #4 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

We finally have name on Fun Spot’s newest wooden coaster. So moving forward starting with this 4th update, we now present our latest Mine Blower Construction Update! Starting in traditional fashion with our video views from a slightly windy day. (Apologies for some windy parts)

The name was announced in a commercial before the Superbowl kicked off. We’ve embedded the tweet where we were the first to bring you the video of the commercial:

Moving into the pictures we first take a look at a new longer section that has gone up. Given the location compared to the concept art, we can pretty safely conclude this is the station platform:

At one end of this series of supports we notice the supports get a little shorter where the train would leave the station and head for the lift:

Coming off the first pieces to vertical, which we showed in last week’s update,  is a diagonal series of supports:

On one end of the current progress, we see some high banking going into place so this is likely an intense turn to be featured in the ride:

Next, over in the supply lots steel supports appear to be more sorted and spread out:

While the wood is still nicely organized as they have opened some flats to use their supplies:

Finally,  with lots of supports to still go up, the coaster is far from finished. However, in just 8 days the project has made great progress:

Our Facebook and Twitter followers got the very first look at the commercial right as it happened! Be sure to follow us on our social channels as you never know when news could break! Thanks for following and all your support and have a great week everyone!

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