Mine Blower Construction Update #16 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Apologies for missing an update on this wonderful new coaster last week. We were on an unexpected vacation but are back with another great first find for Mine Blower!

As we first shared with our Twitter followers, the lift hill chain is now on site in 4 sections and ready for install:

Speaking of things related to the lift, the motor that will drive that chain is getting some additional parts as well. This is mainly the guides to keep the chain in place passing through the motor:

Over on the lift itself we can see another new development taking place in the video. The steel track plates mentioned have been getting installed in both the drop and brake run as well:

A big pile still remains in the place we first showed you weeks ago:

At the top of the lift we see the completion of all the tall supports connecting lift to drop:

Under that we can see both the 90-degree banked turn and return to station turn are coming along nicely as well:

Some other long-awaited developments have taken place as we now see many supports up for the barrel roll inversion over the station:

The coaster will enter the element after the 1st big drop here:

The exit of the inversion is on the other side of the station:

Another piece of this area was lifted into place while we were there:

Next we see the diving turn that exits the element:

Another turn constructed in this corner seems to be over-baked more than 90 degrees and looks fantastic:

Finally, below that over-bank, we have a nice low to the ground turn coming out of the inversion above. This continues on into the double down element:

Everything is coming along nicely, for mid-week developments if/when they happen be sure to stay tuned to our social channels below:

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