Mine Blower Construction Update #15 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Welcome to the 15th update on Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee so let’s take a walk around:

The coaster turns just a few times to weave in and out of itself:

On this end we finally have noticed some near vertical wood work at the 90-degree banked turn progresses:

Under that we see a lower turn that swoops up in the return to station area:

Here’s another overall look at the track heading into the 90- degree banked turn. Also, the hill coming out of the lower turn and heading into the brake run:

Speaking of the brake run, the brakes we showed you last week have now been installed:

These brakes lead into the station at the end of the ride. While we don’t see much progress on the platform, we have seen the under-workings of the gates a little more progress:

Also under the station platform we see a new shed likely for electronics or other important equipment to be protected from Florida weather:

We also learned from a Fun Spot video that this opening will be for thew wheelchair lift:

Another thing we learned from the same video is about a piece of track that flips to allow a train to be added or removed from the main track. This flip track method saves space for more elements and excitement:

Past the flip track, we have the lift making progress. We can see the turn is still not complete at the top of the lift:

From another angle we can clearly see the lift hill chain is not in place yet, but the trough it rides in, is!

Also from this end, we see those overhead beams still in place, likely for a tunnel, coming out of the sweeping turn:


Another interesting development is we notice the possibility of a 2nd 90-degree banked turn! Coming out of the potential tunnel area we see another near vertical wooden support piece:

Closing out our look from the site, we see workers all over the place allowing the progress to advance quickly!

For those who have been with us for all of our updates, thank you! Check out the supply lot from March 3rd to a little over 2 months later, much emptier in the wood department now!

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