Mine Blower Construction Update #14 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

We waited a little longer than usual for our latest Mine Blower update but trust me the wait is worth it with all the new details!

Starting at the top, we showed you last time that highest piece of structure was put in place. This update we see the American flag on the top of the lift signifying they have reached the highest point of construction. We also see more work on the turn headed to the first big drop. Also notice the small platform likely for lift equipment under the top of the lift:

More supports are prepared on the ground, likely to complete the small turn at the top of the lift:

Baseboard wood-work continues to happen across the site, but on the lift it was moving rapidly when we were there:

While we’re on the subject of the lift, the lift hill motor we first brought you pictures of a few weeks ago now has some protection from Florida’s elements:

With most of the tall supports bring more development on lower level track and these 3 sections gaining more work as well:

The 90-degree turn and another lower turn are now covered under the tall supports as well:

The station platform is receiving more progress with the gates we first brought you last being all connected and more work all around the platform. We also see more roof work has taken place:

Turns continue to develop on the photogenic angle of the site:

Here’s a cool shot at the double down and another couple of elements on the coaster:

New one end of the site we found something really cool friction brakes ready for installation! Next to that we see some un-boxed drive motors and some magnetic brakes still in the crates:

Closing out our update with a look at some untouched supplies, we see all the track rails still wrapped and waiting:

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