Mine Blower Construction Update #13 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Our lucky 13th update on Mine Blower has a climbing lift and more!

As you can see from the video, there is a lot new to see this week and we start with the station. Loading/ safety gates are being installed on the platform as it continues progress:

The bigger and taller news is the lift hill reaching its peak height of 83 feet:

Next to the lift, is the first big drop, which has started receiving some baseboard work for track:

Looking at this angle, we see where both the lift (left) and the drop (right) currently leave off in the current progress:

We also spotted some new supports in what I’ve nicknamed quiet corner for its lack of progress, until recently. This turn will be where the inversion comes out.

From these shots we see where the inversion starts and then rolls to the right of forward motion and comes out in the above supports. The inversion is not installed yet, but imagine it twisting right over top of the station roof:

From there the coaster will make a wide turn and head into the double down which has some new supports going up (right) this week. We also notice more development on other structure to the left of that:

Out of the double-down we head in to a high-speed cross-section. That area of the track looks very ready for steel rails and even its up-stop rails:

Next the astonishing 90-degree banked turn is next and hasn’t seen much progress lately:

From that end of the site, we see lots more supports that weave through the structure:

Moving to the other end we get a great overall shot of the coaster and where lots of sections leave off:

Finally, nothing new from the supply lots this week.

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