Mine Blower Construction Update #12 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Welcome to our 12th update on Fun Spot’s latest masterpiece of a coaster, Mine Blower. Lots of excitement as more supports rise and even a new important arrival:

Though the lift hill isn’t all the way up to the 83 foot tall height, we see the motor is in and ready now:

Speaking of the lift we can see it hasn’t climbed much since our last visit:

The bigger story is all the new supports going up around it. Some of the new ones include this set that connects to the final break run. This is as the ride is ending and returning to the station:

More new supports continue to add to the puzzle and connects some of the sweeping turns at one end.

These 2 new track sections fly over the cross section which is looking more and more completed:

Speaking of that cross section, we see lots baseboards in place for the steel plating that the rains will ride on:

Work also continues on the station platform:

The first drop is still waiting on baseboard work however seems to be gaining some progress since last week:

Hot Seat, the Screamin’ Swing continues to grow in its new location across the park from its former site. This is  where Mine Blower’s sweeping turns will soon be and have started to grow already:

Not much change at the supply lot as we see none of the steel plates have moved:

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