Mine Blower Construction Update #11 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Mine Blower is looking good and this week we checked out a couple new angles of the coaster in video and picture:

Starting off with those new angles highlighted in the video, we can see getting a little further away now lends us some great shots.

Of course the highlight is the angle of the drop which is looking good from all perspectives:

The valley of the first drop is also progressing:

Nearby the lift has climbed a little more since last week:

Over at the station we see a roof has been added to the frames since last week as well:

Also we notice baseboards for track have been installed in the station as well:

Over in the cross track area and heading for the 90-degree turn we see baseboard work for track actively progressing:

Over at the supply lot some more track steel has arrived, including some smaller pieces. Though I mentioned in the video they were for less intense portions, I now have another thought. These are likely upstop rails that are placed under the track areas and keep the train on the track safely:

Also in the supply lot, we see many support pieces are still waiting to be assembled and placed on site:

New supports for some more turns have been added between previous elements we’ve been showing you:

Finishing up, from our usual angles the coaster is looking great and continues its growth:

For more on Mine Blower be sure to check out our previous posts. Also  our social accounts as we bring you the latest and first info on the coaster as we get it:

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