Mine Blower Construction Update #10 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

Our 10th update brings lots of progress and a first that we’ve seen on site. See it first at towards the end of the video:

So if you watched the video, you now know we have track on site!

These stacked plates will be bolted onto base boarding like what we showed you last week in one area. They will be placed end to end:

Nearby we find a piece of equipment that will machine and bend the pieces for elements of the coaster:

In our video we also saw a tall support piece rise in 3 pieces. The first piece was next to the high-banked 90 degree turn. This could be a turn that heads into the final brake run at the end of the ride:

At this point we could see the other 2 pieces waiting to be lifted into place:

Around the end of our visit, we saw the 3rd piece get lifted in near the top of the drop area:

The first drop continues to show progress and this past week we learned from the park it will be at a 65-degree angle:

At the bottom of the first drop we see more progress. From another angle we also see supports coming out of that area:

The lift continues to climb and in the second picture we get a nice look at it and the 1st drop:

The station seems to have gained the least amount of progress in the past week:

But nearby a couple turns have started to rise in the once barren end of the site. These turns sweep in from next to the lift, bottom out on the ground then sweeps up the other direction. Even more interesting, it looks like more track could be built above this is one place:

Between that we see another set of supports starting to rise as well:

Well that was a massive and exciting update! Very fitting for our 10th update on the new coaster! As we close out with a look at the overall view, we can see it’s getting kinda crowded:

We broke the story of track on site to our Twitter followers first, so be sure to stay tuned to all our social accounts!

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