In Memoriam Rides/Attractions Lost in 2018

The Grimm Reaper will likely strike many of our favorite rides, shows and attractions as the year progresses. This post will grow, hopefully not too long as we get confirmation of an attraction’s demise.

January 23rd: Well we didn’t even make it a month to find out that one key attraction won’t be returning in 2018 to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Curse of DarKastle has given its final ride virtually in the update shared via the park’s Facebook Page:

January 25th: Today we received a statement that the closed since late 2017 Island in Sky at LEGOLAND Florida, will not reopen and is now permanently closed.

“Island in the Sky has ended its 34-year run of entertaining millions guests from around the world, first at Cypress Gardens beginning in 1983 and since 2011 as part of LEGOLAND Florida Resort. While the iconic attraction will always occupy a special place in our history, we look forward to developing new and exciting attractions that will entertain LEGOLAND guests for generations to come.”

Island in the Sky is a classic Intamin Rides Flying Island. We hope that the removal of this attraction will allow the park to utilize the space for more great expansions much like LEGO Ninjago World and other great lands the park has added!

This post will be updated as more closures are announced, etc. Be sure to follow our social accounts as we will share there when this post is updated as well:

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