Steel Vengeance Mean Streak RMC Construction Update #6 ~ Cedar Point

We are less than a week away from a big ole hootenanny in Frontier Town and wanted to get in one last update before we learn all the details offiially:

First up, since our last update we got a look at our last 2 wanted folks. Meet Chess and Blackjack

This completes the line-up of criminals and we could only assume they could make an appearance at the Hootenanny:

Speaking of the Hootenanny, banners are now up across Frontier Town advertising the event! Anyone can come, and we will be there covering the event on many of our social accounts so be sure to follow us. We hope to also have coverage on Facebook live that day! If you see us feel free to say hi, we love meeting our readers and fellow fans of the park!

The lift has not climbed any further than our last update. However, stairs alongside the track are completed as far as the track now:

We did spot workers on the structure in a couple places. These workers were sawing some of the wood away. Likely this is for clearance or just trimming to make it look nice:

Over near the entrance area, all the track that was being staged in our last update is now installed. This includes what many are calling the tunnel inversion. Though it isn’t in a tunnel, it is surround by wood supports all around it!


Just past the inversion, the track goes down slightly over the old entrance queue and into an airtime hill:

Another worker we spotted under the MCBR. Notice behind him a shorter airtime hill that we believe is after the newly added inversion and hills above:

The only track reaming to be placed seems to be the top of the lift and first drop. We can see several straight and a few curved pieces still sitting by the exit of the station. Below are a couple still from the video. Also a picture from inside the park looking through the fence at the same pile:

Once again, be sure to stay tuned to our social accounts this Wednesday 8/16 as we attend the Hootenanny and provide the best live coverage from the event!

Also, check out our full update on Halloweekends we just posted on the new haunts coming this fall to the park!


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3 Responses

  1. Jack Gaston jr says:

    Is it possible at the new trains are different weights and different lengths to give each different ride experiences!?!

    • Jim says:

      That is a very interesting and innovative idea! Would love for it to be true! Would definitely be first that I’ve ever seen.
      Thanks for commenting and the really neat idea.

  1. August 16, 2017

    […] Today, at the Hootenanny, Cedar Point announced Steel Vengeance. This is the name of what was once Mean Streak and laid to rest last year.  Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) has a good amount of the track work done as we saw in our last update. […]

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